PC Gamers, meet Sweet Lily Dreams; an indie retro-16bit RPG

DSOGaming writes: "I know, I know. The game’s name is cheesy as hell. But keep reading because this is a game similar to ‘To The Moon’ so it’s definitely something you should check out. So, Rose Portal Games, creator of the acclaimed Whisper of a Rose, sent us word that their latest adventure, Sweet Lily Dreams, is finally out. With combined elements from RPGs, hidden object games, and traditional adventure games, Sweet Lily Dreams represents the culmination of over a year and a half of work."

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3GenGames2524d ago

Last time somebody titling an article called a game X-bit it was called 8-bit with 16 color characters and about 8 palettes. That's at least 16 bit. Now this says 16-bit but yet the images has hundreds of colors plus the gradients used in so many characters. That's not 16-bit. Please get it right, you're supposed to know something you attempt to write journalism on.

john22524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

You are so ignorant. 16-bit stands for 16-bit consoles era, aka Snes that had this kind of games. So you better know one or two things before trying to 'play' it like you know everything because apparently, you don't. When we entered the 32bit era, this kind of games vanished as we moved from 2D to 3D. But I guess you are new to the gaming, because everyone that was gaming back then can relate to this and see the resemblance. Okay, thanks, move along, c ya, bye bye

PS: For your interest, 16-bit can reproduce 32,768 possible colors. So yeah, it's hundreds of colors.

3GenGames2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

You're talking somebody who has read about SNES/Genesis hardware and is an NES programmer. I know how many they can make, but the SNES and Genny can only put about 256 colors on the screen at one time and also can't do dynamic lighting like this game does. Same with the Genesis, no dynamic lighting and can do up to only 61 colors. That means no gradients at all, although SNES can attempt but only do 15 steps on an 8x8 area to attempt it, and it doesn't look anything like it does in the video. You're an idiot if you think it can just "produce" those colors. Besides, your math is off becase you assumed 16-bit meant all the colors, but 16-bit offers 65536 numbers (Not half that at 32768), but that's not how it works. You have to put the colors you have available (32768 colors, though that's right) and pick 256 out of those and assign those to palettes and sprites. Only one mode can output all 256 colors you picked in vblank and write to the PPU, and all others only have 32 or 16 colors per background metatile or sprites after that. They also both can only have about 32 sprites in a scanline before they must do sprite cycling to avoid them being not shown completely, something else it looks like this game may abuse some too. Now if you go neo-geo you could get something looking very close to that, although the resolution is still too high although you could get the colors looking somewhat close. Better than the SNES and Genesis by far, although still not close to what's shown there. I think you should know how these game systems work and what the hardware offers to do special things as I doubt you know the difference between the Gennys TMS and the SNES PPU.

I'm not saying it's not a cool looking game that looks decently fun evem. I'm just saying don't mark it as something it's not, and it's not anything close to a 16-bit era looking game, not even close.

And if you want to see what a real 16-bit game looksl ike, how about look at the most recent 16-bit RPG released, and also the biggest: Pier Solar.

john22524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

If you've read about SNES hardware as you claim, you'd knew that it can produce colors from 15-bit palette (hence the 32,768 colors). It was an obvious trap.

Moreover, as it was said, this game is reffered metaphoricaly as a 16-bit and not literally (and it was explained above). Ironically, you failed to even realize that in an attempt to show off your 'skills' which is just sad man. Really sad.