Game Chronicles reviews Uncharted - 9.8/10

Apparently some great reviews of this PS3 AAA title has started to come in . This is what the reviewer said :-

" After playing all the Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia, and Pirates of the Caribbean games I was amazed at how fresh and entertaining Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ended up being. I was totally captivated from the moment I inserted the disc, and the need to sleep was the only thing that kept me from finishing this game in a single session (I did it in two).
Within its genre, this is easily the best looking and best playing game of its kind. Heavenly Sword might edge out this game in technical visuals, but in overall presentation, nothing can touch Drake's Fortune, especially with its epic story rooted just enough in factual events to be somewhat believable, great acting, and great fun.

It's taken a year for the PS3 to come into its own, and with more and more quality and benchmark-setting games arriving for the system, there has never been a better time to get a PS3 and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune should certainly be one of the first games you add to that next-gen library.

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shmee3850d ago

hiding somewhere i guess.

PS3 now have 2 AAAs in a row


who said that ps3's big guns are for 2008 and onwards??

cloud360-7th_account3850d ago


Ps3 fans
and some xbox fans.

Your funny i dont even want to bother acting like a fanboy anymore, i dont even care much about the war. But i want sony to win. You shud understand u are on the internet no realiaty. Not everyone logs on N4g to see who is winning the tug war

jorellpogi3850d ago

Another positive review for Uncharted. Kudos to ND.

shmee3850d ago

i am pretty sure about that

I believe this game would sell 2m--3m in its lifetime

SKullDugger3850d ago

Hey I just bought a 360 Elite with the new falcon chips and it started to grind and make really loud noises its only 2 days Old shouls I take it back and get a 80GB PS3 and Uncharted.

shmee3850d ago

why did u buy the x360?

It is an inferior console ..has a way inferior processor and just a 2$ DVD DRIVE . x360 has no games . all its games except Halo 3 are on PC

Just return the x360 and get a ps3 and UNCHARTED

why would u buy x360 when u can get a ps3 ---that is also a NEXT GEN DVD PLAYER and way more powerful than X360

Sevir043850d ago

while i own a ps3 and is enjoying it's stabilty and quality games it has as of now, the 360 also has quality games. if you feel that you made a mistake go get a ps3 and definatly go get uncharted ratchet, HS and warhawk, GH3, and AC, COd4. but if you like the 360 go return it and get another one. both consoles have some compelling stuff. for this holiday. you'd be happy with eiether one. but since my friend has a 360 i play his so theres no need for me to own one. especially because i game online and dont like to play to play. so that could also be a reason to invest in a PS3, either way. you seem to have cash enough to get either so ultimately it's up to you. i'd say if you wanna play the MGS4 and other big name sony games then sony's PS3 is for you, and if you want mass effect and such you'd be great with a 360.

trust me though you wont go wrong with uncharted or a PS3, while the xbox is a great machine the intereupted play time for RROD experiences are killer especially if you wish to be at the for front of high profile game releases like Halo and Gears and NG2 and such.

Get a PS3.
or Get a another 360, ultimately you wont be sad by any choice.

For me and the 6 million plus it was Ps3
for others it was the 360

ukilnme3850d ago

I agree. I am glad that Uncharted is getting great reviews. I love the demo. I just wish I could buy the full game but my wife will not let me spend any more money as we have spent over $4,000 on a HD TV, Wii, 360, PS3, games and accessories.

I like all three consoles equally so I won't tell you which one to buy (PSWii60 if you can) but I will tell you that my Elite got the 3 red lights the day after Thanksgiving. It is fine now but I take a deep breath every time I turn it on now. The 3 year warranty helps a little to keep my mind at ease but I am not sure if I will buy another after the 3 years period is over. Maybe MS will truly have the kinks worked out by then. I have no worries with the Wii or PS3. I hope that helps you.

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lonestarmt3850d ago

why are most of these reviews not being put on gamerankings or megacritic?? hmmmmmmm I wonder...

iceice1233850d ago

This is already on Metacritic, UC still not true AAA, play b3hind.

Shmee surely you've learned not to call out xbots by now. =)

actas1233850d ago

Are you an xbot? xbots are like zombies man.. ya man I don't recommend.

Blademask3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Yes its rounded up, but so are all the scores on Gamerankings. We all know there are 10 to 15 AAA reviews that have yet to be added to the site, and they aren't all PLAYSTATION FAN SITES, unlike most 360 titles. and we all know what 90% is. Its AAA.

While all the ps3 fans will be enjoying this technical marvel.. You will be counting game averages.

Which is very sad, considering. Games are meant to be enjoyed, and played.

If anything as a gamer, you are supposed to be happy that there are new games that are pulling off *At stable Framerates and 720p*:

HDRI Lighting advancements
Streaming Loading Advancements
300 Animations Per character
Second to none A.I.

Its only a good thing, because that means more games will do this in the future. Just because you are unfortunate, and cant own a ps3 I assume? It doesn't mean that you have to ignore all of what the reviewers are saying.. or you can ignore all of the reviews that are saying that Uncharted is one of the best console next-gen games out. Both graphics and Gameply, This is on any console as reviewers (that you worship) have said.

Or, You can continue to ignore one of the best games out.

You guys love to change the rules every single time, whenever the PS3 matches what you guys have made the rules of "AAA" this or AA that, now it turns into "sales" argument.

So yes, continue to number-f*ck all you want.

Us Gamers, will be enjoying games.

It is clear that you hate the ps3, and cant stand it getting any good news, or good reviews. That is why you stumble into PS3 news, while you dont even own a PS3? Why do you do this?

razer3850d ago

"That is why you stumble into PS3 news, while you dont even own a PS3? Why do you do this?"

Probably the same reason you do it in 360 articles. Just look at your name you are a 360 hater and PS3tard troll if I ever saw it.. I'm sure is is just one of your multiple accounts.. We are on to you poser..

SnakeCL3850d ago

I would think people wouldn't care so much about scores what with the current gamespot controversy.

People can keep proclaiming that X game isn't AAA because the score said so.

I'll be playing a game that's AAA because I've actually played it, and made my own decision on how good it is, without a game reviewer getting pressured into giving a certain game a certain score. I think I'm the smarter one.

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gamesblow3850d ago

Incredible game... Let's see U.K. pull it thru to a million within' the next 4 months... How about it?

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