Could The Last Guardian Now Be a PSN Release?

Gamestop has been calling customers to announce the cancellation of The Last Guardian. Sony has said to Kotaku that "this is not true." So, what reason, exactly, does GameStop have to be calling and telling consumers that the game has been "cancelled by the vendor?"

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Dante1122546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Here comes the rumor article follow ups lol jk. But, I think TLG either got a name change or it'll be a PS4 release game.

rabidpancakeburglar2546d ago

It's almost certainly neither of those. It's probably just gamestop getting it wrong.

Dante1122546d ago

Yeah, I can see that lol.

MostJadedGamer2546d ago

Gamestop would NOT refund customers money without being sure abour it.

cyguration2546d ago

Nah, it's probably getting the I Am Alive treatment and going digital only.

I don't see how every retail outlet across the nation "gets it wrong". If that's the case I'd really like for someone to explain how that happens, especially considering that they could only stop pre-orders if there are no orders to sell, meaning no manufacturing shipments coming in, meaning, Sony may have cancelled the retail boxed editions.

Fanboys will disagree of course, because they're fanboys, but the gaming industry is a business first and a hobby second, and money talks above all else.

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TheGamingArt2546d ago

No. Please use common sense when writing articles. 40 gig downloads = no one buying.

RedDead2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

40GB?? BF3 ses high

Zechs342546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Wtf does BF3 have ANYTHING to do here?



Thats a pretty thorough explanation. Good thinking on your part Darkness!

LightofDarkness2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Who said it was 40GB? Plenty of games look as good as this in terms of the quality of their assets and don't come near that size. Games that size just have a WHOLE lot of uncompressed HD video and audio. SOTC and ICO were mostly told via gameplay cutscenes, not full-blown cinematics.

I'm not necessarily entertaining the idea that it's going PSN. But something about this title and Ueda's (and the other producer's) departure smells bad.

I personally think that Ueda ran out of steam with the idea. I think he had all of the visual design and the fact that he wanted to focus on the relationship between creature and boy; but due to the almost complete lack of gameplay being shown, it seems to me that they didn't know how they wanted the game to play. I'm imagining it's been designed and re-designed gameplay-wise endlessly for years now and Ueda simply doesn't care that much for it anymore. He'll finish it out of respect for fans and his previous employers, but for some reason that's how I think it went down. They just couldn't move forward.

Pintheshadows2546d ago

Ahhh, baseless rumours. How I love N4G for these.

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