Remember 2011 for: Dead Space 2

TVGB: We live in a cruel world. Sure, Skyrim is incredible and Uncharted is jaw dropping, but the fact that Dead Space 2 is missing out on any GOTY nominations this year breaks my heart like a Plasma Cutter’s just hit it. You can’t help feeling that, had it not released as early as January, the game might have been up for a few more nods.

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Son_Lee2549d ago

My game of the year for 2011. The first half of the year gets almost no recognition in end of the year awards.

TrendyGamers2549d ago

Cannot wait for Dead Space 3!

Lord_Sloth2549d ago

Agreed. Dead Space 2 is the best game to launch in 2011. Here, have a hit, good sir.

SKUD2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

DS2 was way more action based with less creep factor. DS1 combined the two better. I found myself not even drawn into environment but rather loading up on weapons and making my to the next wave of enemies with small puzzles to solve in between. Given the tacked on MP (bro-op would of been a better addition maybe) and another great games falls victim to main stream pressure in order to make cash.

Hopefully DS3 can refocus and create a better single player experience like DS1. Ditch the MP.

@ L_S
I can respect that. On the flip side I found the wave enemies very repetitive and predictable. There's no shortage of action based games. In terms of "horror" games which DS1 was earning its way into don't come along anymore. Other then Amnesia the dark decent.

Lord_Sloth2549d ago

Don't really agree but then again, I never really get drawn into the whole "horror" aspect of anything. I usually find them predictable and annoying when something tries to scare me.