Will it Blend beats Halo 3... by blending it

It's a fact: most of life's problems can be solved by blending (or, was that bending?). Either way, Tom Dickson of "Will it Blend" fame has apparently been playing Halo 3 with his grandchildren, and getting his ass skillfully handed to him. His solution? Take their copy of Halo 3 and blend it. Gee, you're a helluva guy, Tom.

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EZCheez3945d ago

I love that creepy smile he gives while it's blending.

Everybody should check out the willitblend website. I heard about it about a year ago and they've blended some crazy stuff.

Syko3945d ago

Ya, I am with you bro. I think this guy enjoys blending a little to much.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3945d ago

he should had blended the whole box!

Skerj3945d ago

That blender has scared me ever since the Iphone and the Transformers.

LeonSKennedy4Life3944d ago

Well...there's little to say here.

Maybe blend a Wii next? Honestly, if I blended my Wii...that would be the best 30 seconds of my entire Wii life.

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