GameCell UK gives Uncharted 10/10 and terms it as the "best game of the year"

Another great review of this PS3 AAA title has come in. GameCell is listed on Gamerankings and this is what the reviewer said :-

"The game looks and sounds fantastic (just how many games do you know with 7.1 PCM support?) and has some of the best environments yet in a game. Be it an old church, a tropical jungle or a Nazi Submarine they all look and feel how you would expect and all have loads of detail. Even when you are not jumping or shooting the look and design of the environments continue to immerse you into the game. It's not just the shooting mechanics that this has in common with Gears of War, it also looks just as good (and maybe even better).
Ok maybe I have gushed on long enough, its obvious I loved the game - in fact upon completion I started it again, which I think I have only done once before (with Resident Evil 4) but are there really no bad bits ? Well none that I could find without being accused of nitpicking. The game is brilliant, not just the best game on the PS3 but the best game I have played this year – roll on the inevitable sequel!

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Greysturm3945d ago

Lets see what excuses xbots come around this time around

shmee3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

It is now a certified genuine AAA

XBOTS cant say anything cuz stats are stats

UNCHARTED has got 3 10/10 scores which are listed on GR .

However it has got 10/10 from 23 european and asian gaming websites not listed on GR

contrary to that all pro Xbox360 sites scores are counted by GR

Chris_GTR13945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

shmee shut up fanboy. gameranking dont matter at all to REAL gamers. and you didnt even buy the damn game so it dosent matter

shmee3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

dont call me fanboy when u are an XFA*

shut up u BA**** BOT

It hurts xboxers to see ps3 getting a genuine AAA game

i cant afford a ps3????

my PSN id is :- wasim007...........go check u ICETARD

u full library of AAA?????????

what are those

GEARS on PC too. BIOSHOCK on PC too. ORANGE BOX on pc as well as Ps3 too. what are u exclusive AAA

Halo 3 a cartoonistic grabage overrated FPS . Mass effect is ASS EFFECT according to EDGE who gave it 7/10

Uncharted has yet to get a score below 8 from anyone.

PS3 has the best library of exclusives RFOM,MOTORSTORM, HS, R&C, UNCHARTED -----all these games have NEXT GEN graphics and gameplay and are not cartoonistic like HALO 3 and dont appear on PC

PS3 has true AAA exclusives

iceice1233945d ago

Shmee can't afford a PS3 and he's a lemming LOL! Anyway, grats on the AAA finally, it only took you over a year to get it! I'll just continue to enjoy my games library full of AAA goodness.

Chris_GTR13945d ago

i have a ps3 you moron. what im saying is that gamerankings are only for idiot fanboys like you, if you have go make shure its over a 90 then your obviously mission the whole point. besides, that game isnt a must buy even if its ranked 90, the graphics are amazing but it has no MP so for a 8 hour game its not worth it. its a rent for shure. sales talk and it only sold 50k on its first week

Wii60PS3DSPSP3945d ago


shmee: "omg PS3 PS3! :fap: :fap: :fap: Oh gawd i'm so turned on by it! I spoooooge all over it and Uncharted omg AAA, Oh yes Blu-ray news :fap: :fap: :fap: I am so horny for PS3 news!"

Panthers3945d ago

What makes gamerankings so official? I guess you guys need something to go by...

Uncharted is one of the best games I have played, and it deserves this, but I just dont see the importance of this stupid gamerankings, especially with review sites like gamespot.

Bubble Buddy3945d ago

Soon some [email protected]@ass dude is gonna review it low to lower the rating.

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Meus Renaissance3945d ago

I can't stop playing this game. For those who don't own a PS3, I hope you get a chance to play this. You'd be impressed.

TheExecutive3945d ago

On my 3rd time through, I love this game. I really dont know how some sites scored this an 8/10. Oh well, I love it.

MikeGdaGod3945d ago

i'm on my second time through on hard and in mirror mode. it's like playing for the first time.

toughNAME3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

No other rental comes close


lol thank you DW

I hope you all know I'm kidding
I have never played this game and probably never will...its just that even the really good PS3 games can never seem to get it right

and this one has been harassed for its longevity

shmee3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

GEARS is a rental and cartoon halo 3 as well

UNCHARTED is teh game of the year

live up to it XTARD

why would a garbage BOT like you play uncharted when u brag about cartoon HALO 3?

atleast talk like a decent person . This game is bigger than ASS EFFECT and BIOSHOCK in length . atleast learn to troll properly garbage BOT with cartoon halo 3

Meus Renaissance3945d ago

All you want to do is flamebait. You are entitled to your views and comments but if you think this game is a rental then you're either lying through your teeth or you have little taste in gaming, thus, your comment is of little value. You're like this little naughty boy in class who wants to get attention from his classmates; just grow up. You're embarrassing yourself.

Danja3945d ago

I see this xbot in every Uncharted review post...

what happened ur 360 broke again..?


now thats funny, bubble for you sir.

Bubble Buddy3945d ago

danja is right. all these xbox people are here cause they're waiting for Microsoft to send back their 360. don't give me bull that the ps3 has no games. I'm still interested in resistance:fall of man online after a year.

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Taking another tour on hard to find all the treasure

jorellpogi3945d ago

Finally, a reviewer who saw the light.

Uncharted is the best game i've played this year.