Xbox 360 sales flat in Japan holiday retail

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 hardware were flat in the latest Japan retail figures released this week.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 6,632 units between Nov. 26 and Dec. 2. By comparison, Nintendo Co.'s Wii sold 74,000 units and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 sold 37,000 units in the same period.

The figure is a decrease from the 7,177 units sold the week prior.

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marc 19753873d ago

ps3 owners! thats who cares lol

PS3PCFTW3873d ago


not the allmighty halobox.



I wonder how the japanese feel after M$'s viral marketing campaign against SONY...........could that be another reason the EAST is not buying the XROD?

Next year will be very interesting.

PS3 Limps on and on3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

They give us the feeling that Sony is cutting prices of PS3 like crazy but in reality they aren't.

PS3 launched with sku's at $499 and $599 and now Sku's are $399 and $499. So in the end they cut the price $100.

All the sku moving and all that has been an illusion. The fact remains that the PS3 is still too expensive.

Worldwide sales chartz from VG chartz have 360 outselling it by only 10k last week. Where it's worst for PS3 is in the US, getting outsold 2-1.

In the long run it might not be as over for PS3 as it seems sometimes.

CyberSentinel3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Keep it "our thing" Microsoft. They do not matter. Let those closed minded, child fetishists play their 16 bit graphic, waggle waving, little boys and girls attracting, cheap toys.

@2.3 and 4.1: Why is it neither of my 2 XBOX 360's have ever broken down?
None of my friends or co-workers (14 of us so far - more will be added after christmas) have ever had problems as well, why is that?

If you consider that method of online gaming better then XBL then don't complain about wanting more, because eventually you will get what you ask for, and it won't be free anymore, I can guarantee you that. How long are they going to keep each dedicated server active for each game? For the entire lifespan of the ps3? Do you have any guarantee on that? Maybe until populations drop to a certain level? Maybe until the next game sequel? Nothing is guaranteed with dedicated servers, once that server goes offline, No more Motorstorm online, No more KZ2 online, No more RFOM online, No more MGS4O online. You are completely at each companies/servers mercy. Say they decide to charge fees to keep a single server up, then what? Wake up lemmings.

It's easy to make everything free, when you don't really offer anything. Lets see what @Home really does when (if) it launches, and how long it remains free. At this point in time with the "service" Sony is currently offering, they could not charge anything for PSN.

eagle213873d ago

think before you type! You comment on every last topic.

lonestarmt3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

sigh.. ok the RROD is true. I worked at target and the RROD happened all the time. I don't work there anymore, but my best friend does and they still have problems with the RROD. I went to another target last week and their 360 had red ring of death. I am friends with someone who had to buy another 360 before the extended warranty because of it, then got another one, and now also has a ps3. The ps3 didn't have games, now it does. PSN is inferior to xbox live, and 360 has a very high RROD problem. Did you know any product with above 10% failure rate is consider a failure and normally gets recalled? You still can love the 360 and agree they have many good games, but to say it doesn't have any hardware problems which by the way microsoft is getting sued for is fanboyism, just plain wrong, and burying your head in the sand.

Vip3r3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

"I Hope Microsoft Does Not Even Bother With Japan Next Generation
Keep it "our thing" Microsoft. They do not matter. Let those closed minded, child fetishists play their 16 bit graphic, waggle waving, little boys and girls attracting, cheap toys."

Wow, so much ignorance and racism. I guess this is just one of the many side effects that occurs with inbreeding.

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Fighter3873d ago

Western products don't always succeed in Japan.

funkysolo3873d ago

Ipod seems to be doing very well. 33 percent hardware failure is alot and on top of that you get a big azz power brick. Look at the PS3 no power brick and less than 1 percent failure rate. It doesn't take a genious to realize the 360 is a crappy hardware with a monthly subscription just to play online, which PS3 does for free.

beoulve3873d ago

i think they all still use Microsoft, Intel or AMD or IBM to create this. Ain't that american product

razer3873d ago

You need to come up with some new material. That %33 figure is going to be coming up on 1 year. Do you really still think the failure rate is %33? Which btw you Sony tards love to increase that number every other month.. It was %30, then %31 and now %33..

Power brick is big?? Maybe you live on egg crates and spare tires in your house, but in at mine the powerbrick goes behind the entertainment center out of sight.. And the pay for Live service stomps a mudhole in PSN. I have both and I will tell you it is night and day.

Your material is getting old, you and your precious PS3 is still in last place and the "xbots" are all laughing at you.. LAUGHING!

120mil PS2's sold, king of hill and now you are the hired help.. You are mowing the lawn and trimming the trees while the 360 and Wii are sipping c0cktails by the pool.. Even without Japan.

You should be more worried about the PS3 falling week after week which it is doing.. Looks to me like it will be heading back to it's pityful numbers all too soon.

I wouldn't of said anything if you hadn't of trolled into a 360 only article running your mouth.

Blademask3873d ago

Its really a shame that once again, the ignorant 360 owners(not all) decide to show off how amazingly racist they are.

The ipod has been mentioned several times...

However, why even bother posting in these stories? The ignorant 360 owners think that everywhere outside the USA is useless to the game industry.


funkysolo3873d ago

you are an idiot.....You don't own a PS3, i don't even think you own a 360. But just like the idiot you are someone told you how great 360 is and now you beleave it...I used own a 360 and there is a reason why I don't anymore..You stupid xbots can't say the same. I think 360 is a piece of crap from owning one that's my opinion. You stupid xbots never played a PS3 but are quick to point out someone's elses opinion instead of making up your the way tell your mom I said hi ....

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Noodlecup3873d ago

The 360 is too expensive:

xbox 360 elite console
wireless adapter
xbox live subscription
play and charge kit
hd-dvd player

Add those together and you get something costing a lot more than a PS3, that's before the RRoD.

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