GameSpot's Tribute to Jeff Gerstmann

Here is the latest episode of GameSpot on the Spot series, wich features a look back at the life and times of Jeff Gerstmann...

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Loopy3659d ago

How lame can this get?
A tribute to a loser?
How many crap GS articles are we going to get bombarded with?
Both that site and that loser can sink under a mud pile of crap for all we care...

killax35633658d ago

Jeff Gerstmann >>>>>>> Jesus

He was a great man, a great writer and more importantly a great lover. Its a shame such a great, virile young man had to pass away at such an early age.

Jeff Gerstmann.....I love you.

***tear going down cheek***

KidMakeshift3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

He loves you too in ways only a middle aged, balding, and overweight man can

jinn3658d ago

he's welcome to N4G anytime

vudu3658d ago

Why do you insist on making it sound like the dude died.

KidMakeshift3658d ago

In the hopes that he does, maybe?