Naughty Dog turns 25: Congratulations and Thank You

Although most of people consider the history of Naughty Dog related to the first PlayStation era, the started in this business now 25 years ago.

It's time to review a tale plenty of glory.

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lorianguy2545d ago

Ahh, Naughty Dog. You are the Best Developer I have ever come across and I have been with you since the magical creation that was the original Crash Bandicoot all those years ago.

Keep the outstanding and magical gaming experiences coming, you are certainly deserving of the title "Naughty Gods".

Thank You.

Fylus2545d ago

Happy Birthday Naughty Dog! You make us all proud to be gamers!

ExpectTheUnexpected2545d ago

Happy birthday, may you guys go past a century and carry on making games to admire for generations to come.

negroguy2545d ago

Nice write-up, learned some things about ND.

Hicken2545d ago

Hell Yeah, Naughty Dog! 25 years strong and still going!

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