PlayStation Vita Launch Lineup and Details


As you all know, PlayStation Vita launched in Japan this past weekend, and we’ve been excited to hear which games have been the most popular with our friends across the Pacific. But I’m sure all of you have been wanting to find out which titles will be released when PS Vita launches in the U.S./Canada on Feb. 22. Today we announced the official PS Vita software launch lineup for the U.S. and Canada, and you’ll be pleased to know that PS Vita will have the biggest and best lineup we’ve ever launched across the history of PlayStation platforms.
SCE Worldwide Studios, along with our publishing partners, have been working extremely hard to build games that provide you all with new ways to experience gaming on the go. There will be 25 games available on day 1, and in total more than 100 games currently in development. Pricing for all software will range from $9.99-$49.99 (MSRP) and will be available for purchase at retail locations as well as downloadable on the PlayStation Network.

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Nitrowolf22520d ago

I guess 4GB for $19.99 isn't to bad and really should be enough for just games in general.

32GB for $100 is a bit better then before and personally I won't mind putting down that much later on after purchasing Vita.

tiffac0082520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

I'd get the 8GB for just an extra $10 from the 4GB price. Over all this official pricing is better than the speculative prices leaked earlier.

I don't see a price for the extra external battery though...

Game3s2520d ago

Its a decent list but not good enough for me to go buy one.

remanutd552520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

well now that we know the official launch line up im getting :
PSV first edition bundle
Uncharted Golden Abyss
ModNation Racers ( psn version )
Escape Plan
Wipeout 2048 ( psn version )

launch window games im getting :
Gravity Rush
Unit 13

i will get a 32 gb memory card when i see a good deal , where the heck is Motorstorm RC , Little Big Planet , Ruin and Resistance Burning Skies ? i want them all

Half-Mafia2520d ago

£45 for Uncharted are you mad. I can get Uncharted 3 for £37. Vita games should be no more then £30

Ddouble2519d ago

It was £27 when i pre-ordered it on Amazon couple dats ago and it's the only expensive one out of the Vita games currently. The rest are much cheaper so i don't know if it's a mistake or something but no way it will cost more than Uncharted 3 at launch.

Half-Mafia2519d ago

yeh i saw it for £27 when i pre-ordered a 16gb card. i thought ill wait to see what the PSN version would cost but i should of just pre-ordered, then cancel it if it was cheaper on PSN. But i no for sure im not getting uncharted for that price.

HungPHATx2520d ago

I'm getting about 5 or 6 games at launch, 32GB memory card, Charging Cradle, and I'm downloading all games on PSN .

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