‘Game Type' joyfully lampoons the new Xbox Live Dashboard

VentureBeat - An indie developer has created a game satirizing the new look Xbox Live dashboard. Amid concerns that Microsoft is neglecting its indie games channel, ‘Game Type’ has emerged joyfully on the very platform it is sending up.

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TheBlackMask2546d ago

That piture is hillarious

Hummus in a box...something everyone can agree on

Fat Guy and Pretty girl...basicaly a cartoon version of Doug and Carrie from King of Queens

Microsoft should be ashamed of themselfs, first hardcore gamers, now indie developers which was what XBLA was known for, whats next.....getting rid of games altogether

BuffMordecai2546d ago

If they have their way, the only games they'll release will be Kinect related.

from the beach2546d ago

That's indie for you - given a platform to release their crappy games, use it to complain and spew hatred!

vikingland12546d ago

At least the new dash board starts at load game finaly.

Oldman1002545d ago

Pause the video at 9 seconds