CVG previews Burnout Paradise: 'It's easily the most immersive Burnout yet'

Paradise is a very different Burnout game. The biggest change is that it's jumping on the free-roaming city bandwagon that every current-gen racing game seems to parade with such enthusiasm these days.

Unlike your Test Drives and Midnight Clubs though, the metropolis in Burnout Paradise has truly been designed for a wealth of things to do inside your motor.

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MaximusPrime3940d ago

looks like this game will get top mark from the upcoming reviews.
I've preordered mine to add this game to my Burnout collection. (Playstation that is ;) )

marinelife93939d ago

The technology in it sounds amazing.

Streaming with no loading.
Integrated online.
Huge city.

Fighter3940d ago

One of my many most anticipated games for 2008, the year of the PS3.

Danja3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I've already pre-ordered this game...Burnout and GT5P in 2008 it doesn't get any better....!!

jackdoe3939d ago

I loved Burnout Revenge. Can't wait to see how this game handles.

goodganja3939d ago

Might as well call this a PS3 exclusive. Cause after working on the PS3, Criterion isnt even going to want to put forth the effort trying to SQQQQQQQQQUUEEEEEEEEEZE material in to the Breakbox 360. Fuc that system for real. Always puttin out sh!tty games like Project Gotham. DONT MAKE ME LAUGH!

Burnout 3 is going to be such a joke on 360!!!

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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