Dr. Phil tries to help teen with MMO addiction

Via Joystiq:

"You can say a lot about Dr. Phil, mock him, distrust him, even make a short film about a planet populated only by him and his progeny, but the one thing you can't say is that he isn't hip to MMOs. Because he totally is. He recently used his acumen with the genre to help 13-year-old Lexie break her addiction to There. (Hey, is it an MMO if you're the only one still playing it?)"

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Mighty Boom3909d ago

Dr. Phil just sold his 360 Ferarri Modena!! It seems everyone has been taking advice from the fat bald guy in the midst of a middle age crises!!

AshleyRiot3909d ago

Cool you think Dr. Phil can help me make enough gil to be able to get a Gungnir for my Dragoon in FFXI. 500+rl days and still can't get one I NEED it so i can be OMGZPWNORZLEET and dish out WTFPWN Damage.

name3909d ago

I need Dr phil to cure my hatred of Dr phil.