Evan Wells on Cell Development, The Uncharted Game Engine and More

Following on from yesterday, here's the second part of the Evan Wells Q&A.

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Foliage3903d ago

"We thought it was cooler to include these things right on the Blu-Ray disc rather than force you to download them later."

"Currently the Uncharted engine isn’t even taking complete advantage of all the processors on the Cell chip. We’re essentially using about 1/3 of the power that’s being offered at this time."

Quotes of the day right there.

Shaka2K63903d ago

Glad my beast PS3 has all that.

xbug 360 on the other hand has already raeched his max with gears of short now all you get is 640p graphics and the worst versions of third party games.

LMAO xbug 360 LMAO

Mr Tretton3903d ago

that was some pretty lame fanboism there

you DO know that most ports are better on the 360?

LinuxGuru3903d ago

doesn't really have ports, because the games were developed for that system.

So far, the games that were developed on the PS3 and are being ported to the 360 have been superior.

DMC 4 ps3 is looking superior to the 360 version...

Burnout is being lead developed on the PS3, therefore being better...even the developers say so...

Port = game developed for another system, then brought over to your system.

eagle213903d ago

Uncharted is sick! Freakin' gorgeous!

gamesblow3903d ago

Uncharted is, perhaps, the best game I've played all year... It's hard to say it's better than R&C, but it's damn close. R&C was such an expansive game and just looked incredible. Uncharted has been beat 5 times now and I still ahven't gotten all the treasure and unlockables, though.

Odds and ins, folks. Both games need to be in every ps3 owners collection, that's for sure and it bothers me that 7 million ps3's have been sold and only 300 to 400,000 units of these top level games are shipping in America. Sony really does rely too much on Europe and Japan to see them thru, it's almost as if the only reason they want America viable is for the blu-ray aspects of their system and that pisses me off, to a degree.

Oh,well... not worth complaining about, I suppose... Just a little off putting.

Rybnik3903d ago

I think part of it, is that the US is really freaking pro-360. Also the PS3 bashing still hasn't totally gone from the media. I have pretty much no doubt that in the PS3 lifetime, Uncharted, Ratchet, and the other really great PS3 games will do very well here and across the world..

Bathyj3903d ago

USA needs to step up and start buying PS3 and its games. They're dragging their feet.

Sometimes I think its nothing but patriotism stopping PS3 from dominating there. But I guess they want to see PS3 win in Europe and Japan and then they will follow suit.

pacman6153903d ago

uncharted is a tie with my game of the year which is ratchetandclankfuturetoolsofde struction.......... woooooooohoooooo

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