Rumor: Nintendo orders seizure of rival DS Flash cards

An anonymous tipster has informed MaxConsole that French law enforcement agencies have begun confiscating Datel's DS flash card range, devices which perform very similar functions to those offered by DSVision. According to the mole, the operation to seize the cards came after a tip-off from Nintendo, which complained that the Datel cards were illegal, as they contained copyrighted code. MaxConsole reckons there could be more to the story, however, and speculates that Nintendo is clearing the way for its own range of multimedia peripherals.

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Morbidesque3851d ago

could the R4 be far behind?

Ashira3851d ago

Sounds like bad news to me. Nintendo is afraid they'll put illegal contents of the card such as games and play them for free.
They've always been harsh against that.

redninja3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

They just want to eliminate the competition in order to increase their profits. Those money grubbing bastards!

djt233850d ago

yep you are right with that