Bungie focusing on Xbox 360

Bungie Studios currently has "no plans" to work on any platforms besides Xbox 360, two of the developer's top men told Eurogamer readers in a LiveText interview this afternoon.

The two developers covered a wide range of topics during their nearly 90 minutes fielding Eurogamer readers' questions, providing insight into a number of areas and revealing, among other things, the following:
- There's nothing new to report on the Halo film at the moment, with its "pause button firmly pressed".
- Asked about the possibility of multiplayer bots as DLC, Barnes said: "I cannot comment on the plans for Halo 3 at this time outside of the snippets of DLC announcements we've already made."
- Bungie has no current plans to produce a game for Xbox Live Arcade.

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BIoodmask3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

the fact that Bungie will still be a 360 exclusive developer. Microsoft still owns almost half the stock in the studio.

I think the reason for the split from Microsoft was so Bungie could have more of say in the types of games they created, basicly more creative freedom. Overall it is a win win situation for Microsoft in that it will most likely end up saving them money in the long run.

Dlacy13g3759d ago

Its pretty clear that Bungie will remain loyal to MS.

BloodySinner3759d ago

Why are users disagreeing with Bloodmask? Because it's true?

toughNAME3759d ago


dude you sound like Sony boy.


If Bungie doesn't stick to Halo/MC I'm gunna put my money on their next game flopping

BIoodmask3759d ago

The people that disagree with me are the trolling Sony fanboys. They disagree with me no matter what I say. They consider me an N4G "villan" if you will. They think it is funny to see 360 fans with a multitude of disagrees.

Even though my post is grounded in logic and reason. What is the point of clicking disagree if you "don't even post why." Kind of defeats the whole purpose if you ask me.

godofthunder103759d ago

what do people expect.i knew it when they first released the information that microsoft will let them work on their own but microsoft still owns half or almost half of the company,so anyone with common since knows that they will be a 360 company first before anything else because they still have to work with microsoft but instead of microsoft having complete controle like they use to,they both have controle of the company and microsoft has to compromise instead of giving orders like they did before,and that about the only difference we will see in bungi.

japanese_dawn3759d ago

Stop saying bull$hit around N4G. I understand, he said bull$hit too, but can someone be a better man/woman? I don't care for Bungie, I am not familiar with their studio, neither I want to be, I don't care for Halo not 2%, the game is just a game, and those worshiping it better get a life. I can say MGS series has soul, tradition but it's just game.

That crap you wrote for Killzone 2 not getting Gears of War level of deatil? LOL?? I hope it won't, not in this lifetime, that's just too low for something named Killzone! @[email protected]

jctoyou3758d ago

trouble 4 u bloodmask is when u are an avid fanboy like u,no one takes u seriously,you are your own worst enemy,post properly and sensibly and people will stop the disagrees just because it is you!hope this advice helps you!

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NeonSkull3759d ago

i played oni on ps2 and it sucked

hahahabutt3759d ago

Microsoft let Bungie go by being nice and letting Bungie do what they want. Bungie is returning the favor for making things exclusively for 360, (Until the future when they might want to go multi platform) thats the way I see it.

name3759d ago

This is shocking news.


when did all this happen...bungie split, but they are only working on the 360.... /?????

My god, i didn't expect that. ;-)

PS3PCFTW3759d ago

halo 4, 5, 6,rpg, racing, and halo sports are being worked on now.

great time 2 own a 360, they might even reach the level of detail in gow someday.......

BloodySinner3759d ago

If only Killzone could reach that status someday... Oh well!

darx3759d ago

Theirs no need to reach the level of detail that you find in GOW. It has fun factor, and as far as fun factor goes GOW couldn't hold a candle to Halo3!

mistertwoturbo3759d ago

Killzone 2 will be known as the best Console graphics to date. As far as the actual game. Who knows. I'm looking foward to MGS4 anyway, a true final game to a REAL legendary videogame series.

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