I am addicted to the StarHawk Private Beta

Shane Bell, CIO for Urgent Fury, is addicted to StarHawk. In this editorial he talks about the beta and provides a few tips to maximize your effectiveness in the game.

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Goozex2546d ago

Please, please anybody have any beta codes? Pm my n4g mailbox.

LoaMcLoa2546d ago

Registered and filled in ^^ Hope I get one

urgentfury2546d ago

You got the hook up check your PMs on the site

LoaMcLoa2546d ago

Wow! Got a code and it worked :O Didn't actually expect that!

Fast respond too :) Thanks!!

Cure2546d ago

they ruined this game...warhawk was by far the greatest online game ive ever played....

i got the beta and they turn it into a stupid call of duty/starcraft style game.

what a bunch of tards

urgentfury2546d ago

You do realize this is not WarHawk, it is StarHawk. Different Game. Different Mechanics. Just saying

HeavenlySnipes2546d ago

Couldn't be further from the truth. What is call of duty like?

The fact that you can't hold on the trigger of your assault rifle and kill anyone but have to burst fire?

I didn't know Starhawk let you build things and have NPCs fight battles for you....

I didn't know Call of Duty had customizable server lists

I didn't know Call of Duty had 32 player games

I didn't know Call of Duty was a TPS

I didn't know you could deploy and man vehicles in COD

I didn't know people make up BS and post it on the internet...oh wait

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