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PSLS: In 2005, Sony made a bold move: It went up against Nintendo in the handheld market. While so many others before them had failed miserably to gain any ground against the creators of the GameBoy, Sony, at the time, was the current reigning champion in the home console space and best poised to find success.

And success they found with the PlayStation Portable, selling over 70 million units to date. Still, in comparison, Nintendo’s DS doubled those sales numbers in the same timeframe – Nintendo still wears the portable crown.

The PSP, while extremely popular in Japan, fizzled out in North America far too early. Around the same time, sales of smartphones surged, bringing a somewhat unexpected contender into the fold. Now, Sony has launched their next generation portable, the PlayStation Vita. Competition is more fierce than ever – smartphones are a go to escape for casual gamers, on a device that everyone has in their pockets anyway, and the 3DS, while starting of slow is pic...

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Lifewish2547d ago

All these vita articles are sure making it hard to wait!!

Sev2547d ago

You don't have to. Import one. Play-Asia just dropped their price down, too.

kcuthbertson2547d ago

Ya! For only DOUBLE the retail price...

Sev2547d ago

There's a price to pay to be an early adopter. Between the supply and demand markup and the Yen to Dollar conversion, it's expensive. Owning a Vita right now is a luxury - a luxury you pay for.

I was worth it to me.

zeeshan2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I didn't get the chance to finish read the whole article but from what I have read on the internet, the battery is a bit better than 3DS at a very reasonable brightness level. That my friends is great news because I was expecting way worst!

badz1492546d ago

46% better is more than "a bit better" imo. and I'm getting the Hong Kong version next friday with Uncharted GA in English bundled in and also a 4GB card! my local retailer said he managed to reserve 8 of it and I pre-ordered 1! I'll be a very happy man next week! :-)

Qdog2546d ago

I imported mine as well, and it's quite simply amazing. It will be even more amazing once it launches in the US so I can play my PSP games on it along with the Vita games.

OpenGL2546d ago

That price is still ridiculous though. I understand paying extra over the $324.80 the Vita currently costs when converting Yen to USD but $500 is quite a premium.

gamingdroid2546d ago

I think it's impressive that the PS Vita has longer battery life than the 3DS that has two screens!

dontbhatin2546d ago

not worth it by a long shot. patience is a virtue.

gaffyh2546d ago

You'll probably have to pay import tax on top of that too. I had to for my PSP all those years ago.

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morkendo2546d ago ShowReplies(3)
doctorstrange2547d ago

I could do with a more powerful battery, but other than that, this thing looks, and sounds, incredible.

Western day one for me.

Sev2547d ago

I think Sony struck a good balance between cost and capabilities. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Vita revision in a year or two with a better camera and better battery.

Chaostar2547d ago

Will there be any difference between a JP PSV and UK one? Just want to know if I'll have to jump through any hoops later on if I import.

DarkTower8052547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

The one capability that's missing that I REALLY want is to use my wireless Sony 7.1 headset with the Vita. There has to be some way or some type of adapter to use them.

DigitalAnalog2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Nothing other than the default language feature since the PS vita is region-free from the get go. You still need to wait for the official release on your side if you want to access your US/Euro account.

Chaostar2547d ago

Ok thanks.

I've imported games before in the past but never hardware. I once won a Japanese PS2 in a magazine competition before it was launched here but I had trouble getting it to work on my TV so I sold it for a ridiculous sum ;P

Sev2547d ago

Digital is wrong. You can access your US/EU PSN account, but there's really no point. Having a JP PSN account is better, as you can download Vita demos/games/dlc from the PS Store.

And you can change the default language to English. It's the first thing the Vita asks whe you turn it on.

gintoki7772546d ago

@Sev how do you buy things with a jp psn account if you don't live in japan. You can't just use your credit card can you.

doctorstrange2546d ago

Getting PSN cards on the internet for any region is easy peasy

Qdog2546d ago

@ Sev

It's true my friend, you can access your US PSN account, but not the US store, and by extension...all PSP games in the US PSN store are not yet compatible with my Vita, yet the game saves are completely transferable. Content manager on my vita doesnt even see uninstalled US PSP games on my PS3. It has been confirmed that they will be compatible, but not until release day in the US.

gamingdroid2546d ago

I would wait for the US release, since having different accounts on the PS Vita is a b!tch. You have to reset it every time you want to swap accounts that also require an additional costly memory card for each account.

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cervantes2402547d ago

Can't wait to play one of these!

damnyouretall2546d ago

i cancelled my preorder to purchase arkhamcity, skyrim, uc3, forza4, team ico and bf3. i think i made the right choice but it still bugs the shit outa me that i wont have one day one. the choice was hard but now i have all the kick ass games released. anyways maybe wait for a better version. hope yall enjoy

uc3nyc322547d ago

Sometimes being an early adaptor does pay off I like my ps3 80 fat way more than my slim bcus the browser for some reason never freezes up, plus I like the touch sensitive controls and al the extra usb inputs! I will be buying a vita day one I already put 100 down on the 3g version.

MasterCornholio2546d ago

Good review shame the battery life isn't better but at least it's better than the 3DS and the iPhone (for playing games).


MasterCornholio2540d ago

If you dont believe me check this video out

What i said is true the Vita has better battery life than the 3DS and iPhone. Im sorry but Sony chose the OLED screen tech because it saves a lot of battery plus the Vitas battery is bigger than the 3DS so its no brainer that when these 2 factors combine you get better battery life.

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