Real Otaku Gamer --- Devil May Cry HD Collection Coming

Looks like all of those with issues with Team Ninja’s new DMC will get a chance to go devilish with the new Devil May Cry HD collection coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Capcom has officially announced a release date for original Dante’s adventures on April 3, 2012 for North America and Europe. The new collection from Capcom will have all three original PS2 games of the Devil May Cry series available with HD graphics and trophy/achievement support for all three games. On sale for $39.99, players can experience the original DMC games in HD goodness. Looking forward to this one when it drops. About time Capcom, about time…

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Lord_Sloth2547d ago

Dood...Now people are gonna get my site mixed up with this guy...

Venomousfatman2546d ago

Don't think so. We have two completely different names. But even so, more traffic to both of us.

ZombieAssassin2547d ago

Any conformation if DMC2 will include the second disk as well, I hear it wasn't really any good but I never played it when I owned it and wanna give it a go.

Dark_Overlord2546d ago

Was the 2nd Disc the womans campaign? (can't remember her name) So yes, it pretty much is guaranteed to be included

Venomousfatman2546d ago

There never said anything about it. It would make sense since playing as the girl in DMC 2 was a huge part of that package.

Dark_Overlord2546d ago

Team Ninja?????

Its Ninja Theory making the abomination