GameNTrains Top 5 Games of 2011

GameNTrain: One short thing before I begin my list of the top five games of 2011; I have not played every major AAA game that came out this year. Unlike last year, there were six to ten AAA games, which came out at the end of the year. Many of those games were open world games that ate dozens, if not hundreds, of hours. Due to these absences in my gaming library, there will be a list of games I have not played that I feel deserve attention and lauding, but cannot put in my list at the end of this post.

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milliways2547d ago

I am having to wait until Christmas Day before I can even touch Skyrim >_<

I'm surprised Minecraft beat Portal 2 out of the list.

SolidGear32547d ago

My Top 5

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Uncharted 3
Dragon Age II
L.A. Noire

Hicken2547d ago

Either you got disagrees because of Dragon Age II (which wasn't bad, just not as good as the first), or because there are no 360 exclusives on that list.

I wouldn't necessary have put them all as my top 5, but I played and enjoyed all of those games.

Matrix2k2547d ago

terrible list ( not to mention the bad list above me)

witcher 2 ( embarrasses skyrim and dragon age 2)
Radiant historia (as good as crono trigger)
Pokemon black white ( gold is gold)
disgaea 4 ( best srpg of the year)
ff type zero ( best action rpg of the year)

GameNTrain2547d ago

Wow. I am not a fan of your list @matrix2k but to each his own right.

Matrix2k2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

my list is not the main stream, what sells the most in the US list (aside from pokemon). Its the list of games that are great

Chuk52546d ago

Pokemon on black/white doesn't even deserve a nomination.

Matrix2k2546d ago

oh because its sold over 20 million worldwide have average reviews of over 88?

Or is it because its a hardcore turn base japanese rpg with deeper gameplay than anything else this year

Chuk52546d ago

Hardcore? Pokemon has been creatively bankrupt since ruby. I would know, I've played just about all the generations.