Hey, A-holes, Stop Trying To Scam Steam & Charitable Indies

Kotaku - The latest Humble Indie Bundle, which offers farcical bang-for-buck, has been for many a great way to get a load of great games for a reasonable price. Sadly, for others, it's been a way to try and scam a very lucrative competition.

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maawdawg2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Just shitty all the way around. Screwing over hard working and charitable game devs, the group that does the work and puts together the bundles, Valve's holiday promotion (and their legitimate customers), AND A CHILDREN'S CHARITY AT CHRISTMAS-TIME.

What could be lower than that?

Being a scumbag and paying $.01 as a "charitable donation" for 12 quality games and soundtracks is bad enough in the first place but then doing it multiple times to try to scam your way into more prizes compounds it.

Ridiculous. Hopefully the karma comes around for those people, it would be much deserved.

If you buy the humble bundle crack open your wallet a bit for God's sake, a handful of the games in it would cost $10 each outside of the sale. At least pay that. It would still be buy 1 and get 11 more games and 12 soundtracks free.

FriedGoat2547d ago

Jesus, with all the war in the world, famine, rape and corporations trying to screw over the little people this is a big deal? The bundle is 1 dollar minimum they're still making money and still successful this is not the end of the world, with the economy as it is so what if people want cheap games? This steam comp is gay, people are winning games left right and centre I got some of games to complete the tasks and eared 7 coal legitimately. I crafted that coal and what did I get? Some crappy voucher for -50 percent off a game that is already -75 percent off. Thanks steam

Zechs342547d ago

You complain about the problems of the world and then bitch about the Steam sale giving you a lump of coal, coupons, and a competition they don't need to have? ...

This is a game related site. While there are more problems than we even know of in the world, the author is right. These people are scum and deserve to be treated as such. Simple.

bodybombs2547d ago

at least you have to pay more than $5.36 to get two of the games.

maawdawg2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yeah, because justifying or excusing shitty behavior by saying it is ok because there are worse things you could do makes sense... "I stole from kids but at least I didn't murder anyone, so it is fine." One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Wanting cheap games and paying a penny for 12 for something that is supposed to be a charitable endeavor is a completely different thing. You might as well just go torrent them and not even steal the bandwidth from the Humble Bundle servers at that point. Paying a cent then downloading them all is actually COSTING them money in the long run.

God forbid that you ONLY got a coupon in a free promotion after buying discounted games when other people have won games. That makes what these people are doing OK as well...

The ridiculous justifications people can have so they can do whatever they want is astounding to me.

NYC_Gamer2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

wrong is wrong dude no matter shouldn't accept/support this kind of behavior regardless.

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NYC_Gamer2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

this is some real douchebag behavior

Perjoss2547d ago

sadly the world is full of them :(

BrutallyBlunt2547d ago

I read about this earlier and I'm not surprised. Any time somebody can find a loophole they will. I can see why people might exploit glitches and bugs in games even if i dont see the fun in it, but this? How low can you go. I actually felt bad for paying $10 for the indie pack since even that was a steal.

2pacalypsenow2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I dont buy indie dont see the point there's too many games out there to play