Business Week: Blu-ray Is Winning, could get Warner endorsement

Blu-ray has emerged as the clear front runner in the high-def DVD format war against HD DVD.

That's according to an analysis published today by Business Week magazine.

The publication, which has considerable influence in the financial world, writes that Blu-ray still holds the greatest support among Hollywood studios. Four major studios now back Blu-ray exclusively while only two support HD DVD exclusively.

Consequently, Business Week says, the Sony-backed Blu-ray disc has outsold HD DVD by roughly 2-1 for the past year.

Additionally, the publication reports that Sony may be close to landing an exclusive endorsement from Warner Bros., which until now has released films in both formats.

"The rumor is that Warner is coming aboard soon," Michael Burns, vice-chairman of Blu-ray supporter Lionsgate, tells Business Week. "That will make it awfully tough for HD DVD to stay in this game."

Business Week added that "either side could (win the Warner endorsement)...but the Sony group has suddenly emerged as the front runner."

"Persuading it (Warner) to sign an exclusive deal would give the Sony crowd about 70% of DVD market share. That could prompt the other studios to abandon HD DVD," the publication writes.

Business Week notes that if Warner were to join HD DVD, the format war would be stalemated.

"That could create mass consumer confusion and potentially strangle a new technology that the studios hope will give a lift to flagging DVD sales. That's exactly why Warner has long pushed for a single format," it said.

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shmee3906d ago

I feel bad for those who purchased HD DVD player.

I am buying a BD ROM for my PC within a few days

PS3PCFTW3906d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

ive been saying this for ages, after holiday hddvd is dead!!

sidebar: after all the antiviral campaigns for ps3 and is still not achieving its seems evrything they did is actually backfiring. its all starting to come to light.

its not my opinion its a fact.


i always love how a hddvd/microsoft supporter tries wholeheartedly to make a point.
Its fun watching you guys play with numbers and claim this and that point.

LOL. i find that hilarious, its like the earth consists of usa, and not the whole north america, south, africa,australia,europe,asia,i MAD FUNNY.

marinelife93906d ago

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD should offer their hi-def versions a week before the DVD versions. That would stimulate some stand alone sales as well.

blackmagic3906d ago

How many times are we going to link to the same article?

cuco333906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

shmee, mommy doesn't want to pay for BD-Rs at $25-30 and a BD-R drive at $500+

You guys really fail to see past all the rumors and rumors based on rumors... Here's some fact for you. Blu-ray was, is and will be a Sony/PS3 format.

The numbers:

2.7 million BD players in the NA market (including PS3)
200k dedicated stand alone players
100k of them are Sony models
the remaining 100k are one of the following: Samsung, LG, Philips, Panisonic, Pioneer, Sharp, etc. There's also Denon, Daewoo, JVC, Funai, Lite On, etc that haven't even hit the market.

All those non Sony players right now are competing for 4% of the market. 4 % are predominately Sony branded nongaming stand alone players. The remaining 92% are PS3s.
Exactly how is that good for business and industry support? Especially after Toshiba claims to have sold 750k units alone, and this is before Venturer, Onkyo, Integra and others hit the market?

I see a purple future, and CES in January we might see CE companies defect from Blu-ray and got solely HD DVD or neutral.
In other words, Blu-ray = UMD2.0. Once more people and companies realize this, dual format players will become the norm.

Oh yeah, and about those sales figures, neither side has any big advantage since combined HDM total disc sales are still pathetic.

To end, HD DVD is not a Microsoft based format. MS backs them up for whatever reason they choose to. They do make money off of HD DVD just as they do make money off of Blu-ray. Those VC-1 codecs both sides have been using... Guess who licenses that ;)


3906d ago
Lord_Mike3905d ago

I feel sorry for those who are about to open a wrapped HD-DVD player under the tree LOL.

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Fighter3906d ago

Warner seems to be enjoying sales on both formats. We'll have to wait for the sales result of the new Harry Potter movies and gift set and if Blu-ray outsells HD DVD again then I might believe Warner is going Blu.

MaximusPrime3906d ago

In the news, some point next year, developer of HDDVD will announce "defeated, no more discs will be develop."

Sony "no comments"

shmee3906d ago

As i said in january 2008 BD will be announced as a winner of this war

Baron793906d ago

Just keep calling HD-DVD dead. How many times is this? It's pointless to even argue with Bluray fanboys, they won't see the red light till it's to late. So happy that the PS3 they bought just so happens to play blurays. It makes me laugh. BTW , I bought my first UMD today - Starship Troopers for $4.99 , it was sitting in the most depressing lonely bin ever. But UMD's won't be lonely for long, Sony has another format that will be joining them soon.

DeadIIIRed3905d ago

You're kidding me right? All of you HD-DVD nuts said that the $99 player would turn the tide of the format war. Still, Blu-ray outsold. So now, despite having a major studio endorse exclusivity and a player below $100, you still say that HD-DVD will somehow make a come back? How?

Fighter3906d ago

This rumor always pops up and someone from Warner always denies them. But could this one be true? We'll have to wait and see.

shmee3906d ago

and over 100k on BD . Why would WARNER wait when a typical BD ROM /writer costs just 280$ on NCIX

actas1233906d ago

Actually sometimes they go on sale at newegg for below 200 dollars..
Also, Dell and HP and many other desktop and laptop manufacturers offer them as an option when customizing for an extra 150 (not bad)

ITR3905d ago


What you fail to realize most folks that buy a HD DVD player get 300 for free.
What's the point unless you just want the combo ver over std HD disc(freebie).
The funny thing is I bet almost everyone who has a A3/A30/A35 still has the 300 freebie disc.

Danja3906d ago

Harry Potter will sell more on Blu Ray...

RED IS DEAD..-_-...HD DVD is sinking just like that pic..!!

MaximusPrime3906d ago

which stands out for you?

Planet Earth Bluray with blue bar on the box


Planet Earth HDDVD with red bar on the box?

I prefer Bluray version.

Danja3906d ago

I have it for Blu Ray...

HD DVD gets no love from me..!!

Lucreto3906d ago

Planet Earth was released in Europe about two weeks ago and I was wondering what resolution it is in the US. I heard 1080p but the European one only has 1080i

Baron793906d ago

Yes it's 1080p. And the HD-DVD version has been on's top 20 Overall dvd sales list for over a month now. Pretty impressive for a $70 boxset on a so called dying format.

ITR3905d ago

Planet Earth is 1080p in the US.
Most of it was filmed in HD except for a few sections and that was due to extreme climates.

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