PS Vita hands on: Proprietary media already holding it back

CNET: There's no denying that the Vita is a slick and completely capable gaming machine, but Sony's decision to once again go with proprietary media is holding the system back from the get-go. Forcing customers to buy proprietary flash media is a hidden cost that needs to be considered before buying the system.

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Optical_Matrix2523d ago

Not that it bothers me that it doesn't come with a memory card, because I'm buying a 16GB one at launch, but I didn't know that some games and apps wouldn't even boot without a memory card O.o I think thats a bit of a problem, especially for the entry level customer. Where as a lot of tech heads and gamers are most likely not to mind splashing out on a memory card on day one, the average consumer may not. I think that Sony should have at least included a 2GB Card like Nintendo did with the 3DS. I'm sure they're not THAT expensive to make.

As I say though, not a problem for me. Getting a 16GB card anyways.

fluffydelusions2523d ago

I'm also getting a Vita but I think it's pretty silly they didn't include a memory card by default particularly if certain games will not work without them.

PSPEE2523d ago

People need to think for a second, and realize what's really going on here.

Diver2523d ago

just remember this is cnet. all im saying is look at their history. just saying.

SilentNegotiator2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


Very true. While they have a valid point, we can be sure that CNET is more than happy to create FUD for the latest and greatest playstation product.

Remember when they posted that article when the ps3 dropped $100? They tried to convince people to buy a $1,000 laptop that could barely play the simple games they mentioned (WoW, Sims) and had a blu-ray player. Not worth gaming on....$1000.....why would you consider that an alternative to a $300 gaming console w/blu-ray? lol

Really, though, it's a shame it didn't include some internal memory. And more of those games should take advantage of the fact that the game cards can be used for save data, too. I mean, if they had to cut much would they seriously have to cut for save files? A background texture?

Dante1122523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

@ Optical

True, still plan on getting a Vita as well. Since the memory card are a bit cheaper than I was expecting, I'll get the 16GB too.

Edit: Lol, I just noticed Bundi's comment below (It was 4 hours ago too lol). You're mentioning me in almost all of your comments on N4G. What did I do to you? But about Microsoft not being as greedy as Sony, doesn't Microsoft charge you 60 bucks just to play online?

TheDivine2523d ago

You shouldnt have to buy a 16 gb card though it should have 16 gb built in like the psp go. Id buy a 32 on top of the internal if it had it because i hate having games to carry around but cutting it out just so the price sounds better? Not bieng able to save games or even play certain games?

Honestly the price isnt an issue i have more than enough money for anything i want. Its just annoying that they didnt include something standard for every handheld and phone. I still think 250 is fair and i still drool over this bastard but at least toss in a 256mb card just for game saves.

badz1492523d ago

all games should be allowed to be saved on their own cartridge like how it should have been and let the people decide whether to get the memory card on launch or not.

lets be honest here, sooner or later, people will want to buy memory cards for their Vita due to the lack of storing space on the Vita itself it's not even something they need to "force" the people to do.

Vita is packed with so many features even the basic ones like playing movies, music and displaying photos and even as a camera. where on earth would you keep those things without a card? see? for people planning on doing those extra things on their Vita, they will have to buy the cards but for those (like me) who just want to play games, I just want space to save my games where the cartridges are more than capable of doing already!

shame on you Sony but I'm still getting the Vita. the other stuff like movies, songs, pictures and browsing, I have my Tab good enough to do them on!

JokesOnYou2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Im wondering if this is true, or sounds ridiculous, seriously why would games not run without a memory card?, I mean I havent bought a portable since the first psp and I wont be buying a Vita, or any other handheld, between my 360, ps3, samsung tab, and galaxy s2 cell I just dont have time for much more, but I do like following the tech/hardware in all these gadgets but this info just doesnt make any sense at all, if true this is a horrible decision by Sony.

badz1492523d ago

Uncharted GA, arguably the biggest launch game for it apparently needs a memory card for game saves, thus without a card, the Vita can't make a game save for the game making it not running at all afaik!

smashcrashbash2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I really don't see it that way. Think about it like this. You would have to have brought more storage anyway so I am not sure why it should make a difference. If they included a 1 GB memory card for example, how long would that have lasted you? What difference would it have made if had to buy more storage now or later? Would buying a 4 GB card now be different from buying it later?

Are you telling me the the average person doesn't have 20 bucks to buy a 4 GB card? People act like that is such a big deal but it isn't.Even if they gave the average customer a few megabytes, then what? Try to explain to them later that it has no more space and they have to get more? How is that different then selling them more storage now rather then later? Is it kinder to give you a few drops of water then tell you you have to pay for a whole glass later when your throat is dry?

The 3DS doesn't have as much to do with as with the VITA so of course 2GB's is enough but lets be honest how long will that last with the VITA? How many games will you download or apps will you use or games will you save before you need more space? Comparing it the 3DS is pointless. The 3DS is less of a machine no matter what people try to fool themselves into thinking.

A 2GB card is enough for a 3DS but is it really enough for a VITA? Tell the truth. If Sony had included a card or memory will small amounts wouldn't people just complain that it isn't enough and why couldn't they give them more. What is the point giving you a small amount of megabytes if it will run out before you even realize and you will still have to buy the same memory cards you are griping about.

If the memory was internal you would still have to pay for it anyway. Every device that has more memory gets more expensive as you need more. If Sony had said 'The VITA is $270 or $350 and included the card's price in the final pricing would you have noticed?

Because many devices up the costs of getting a model with more storage and you end up paying big bucks just to do so.You don't realize it but they are charging you an arm and a leg just to increase the memory size.And people pay for it with no worries.You are not paying for extra features or anything, your just paying for more memory. The only difference between everyone else and Sony is that they hide the fact that they are conning and squeezing every penny out of you.

Nintendo pulled a great con by offering up the obviously overpriced 3DS then dropping the price as fast as possible while tossing you some decades old games that probably cost about 50 cents each by now in some attempt at being 'sorry. And people fell for it. Sony just isn't very good at that.

MasterCornholio2522d ago

Let me understand you on the the topic or the 3DS

First Nintendo releases their handheld at a high price to achieve a huge ammount if profit off early adopters. Then they release an accessory to add the omitted circle pad to the 3DS to take further advantage of early adopters. Then when the sales die down a bit they drop the price in august to increase sales.

You really make Nintendo seem like con artists.

Anyways I don't believe that Nintendo is so evil.


4Sh0w2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Bro that is the biggest pile of sony loving BS I've read hear in a long time.

"If the memory was internal you would still have to pay for it anyway."

NO SH*T SHERLOCK, but then it wouldn't be a HIDDEN cost because you could actually get to PLAY your games with just a purchase of a Vita+game, LIKE EVERY OTHER HANDHELD, instead they advertise the portable at 1 price but really the minimum price is the cost of the cheapest model+cheapest memory card, DONT YOU GET IT, if you NEED a memory card for the damm thing to work why on earth would you not include 1 and raise the price a bit if you have to? Its stupid, and anyone who can defend this is....well you know.

tubers2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Jeez you get disagrees for that? WOW

For consumer's sake even a 1 GB free card would be appreciated just to be able to boot up a lot of the VITA software.

Basically the VITA's min. cost = 270 dollars :(

Gaahh!! I hope this isn't gonna be like the last gen handheld wars because of Sony's pricing and hidden cost! :(

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Half-Mafia2523d ago

you would think that if the memory cards are holding the Vita back, then why is it that the 32gb card in japan are mainly sold out.

stephmhishot2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

At the very least they should've included a memory card like the 256MB one that MS did with the arcade units, I agree. However, for this guy to be saying that proprietary storage is "already holding it back" is a bit unfair. Sony has made it as unappetizing as possible for everyone outside of Japan to import a Vita pricewise, so this guy's shipping issues from the far East is a bit of the usual CNET anti-Sony bias since most of us aren't going this route.

And sure, most gamers will brush this story off as harmless, but these negative headlines jump out to the average consumer who will remember the negative headlines about the system when it actually releases here in the US.

Just think about how many people are still clueless about the differences between the 360, PS3 and Wii thanks to the moronic media. I was in a Best Buy the other day (don't ask) and decided to kill some time by playing the Uncharted 3 demo and at least three people asked me if they could get it for their kid's 360.

ZippyZapper2523d ago

The memory unit crap sucks. MS should have just given people who bought the Arcade and small 20gb. Now Sony is doing the same thing. It sucks all around.

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