MTV's 10 Best Games of 2007

Stephen Totilo writes, "Like most of the media world, we here at MTV News obsess and argue relentlessly over our year-end top 10s. This year, we thought we'd share them. Our staff top 10s, along with several less conventional lists, will be rolling out all this week. Enjoy, and share your own top 10s in you tell us."

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phoenixtilt3939d ago

YIKES crackdown scary... i had the game but wouldnt say it was a top 10...

kspraydad3939d ago

basically just a way for MTV to pump up Rock Band.

Hagaf223939d ago

think maybe some one forgot ps3? or maybe ps3? or some IDIOT forgot ps2

BigKev453939d ago

What a lame list, did you guys see what number 1 was what a joke, anyone off the street can write a better list.

Afterburn3939d ago

they should make a list of the top ten channels that actually play music videos.

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