Interview: Jack Tretton Reflects on Year One as SCEA Chief

In this exclusive, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton discusses PS3's (and his) first year, competing with Xbox Live, launching a video download service, PlayStation Home, and more.

Last month Jack Tretton celebrated his first year on the job as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), a position that had been left open by Kaz Hirai (who took over for former SCE head Ken Kutaragi). Tretton is certainly no stranger to the PlayStation business, however, having joined SCEA at its inception in 1995 and helping to launch both the PS One and PS2, and last year of course, the PS3.

It is perhaps fitting that his first year as CEO coincides almost perfectly with the PS3's first year on the market in North America. The PS3's slow start and price barrier have been well documented, but Sony is finally moving in the right direction this holiday season with the cheaper $399 model and a better selection of games that push the hardware.

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blacsheep3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

from your mistakes i believe sony have and are doing this, theres no doubt 2008 will be a better year for them to now build on the momentum they are gathering.

i disagree with his words that PSN is competing with xbox live, xbox live is a far superior forum but the new footage of home as made me realise the possibilites that it has could out do xbox live but it needs to be in peoples homes first and not just the beta testers!

to cut along story short 2008 is sonys year to lose or win this next gen battle and with the heavy hitters at their disposle next year i just cant see how they can lose?

Feihc Retsam3907d ago

But I don't agree that HOME will compete with XBOX LIVE because it is not a comparable platform.

XBOX LIVE is designed to be a clean and simple way to navigate through content.

HOME is designed to be an interactive workspace/world. Although it will give you access to content, it is designed to be more of an entertaining game world than an efficient way to access your games, music and videos

funkysolo3907d ago

The only feature I miss from xbox live is friend invites cross game and in game text. Both features are coming and as far content goes PSN is updated frequently and beleave have the better games for downloads compare to xbox arcade. Since I cancelled my xbox live and got my PS3, I have no regretts and I'm enjoying my PS3 10 times more than I did my 360. To each his own, but why pay for multiplayer online when you can get it for free. I'm not trying to meet people, I'm just trying to have a fragfest online. $55 equals a game a year and in 5 years that's $275 plus the $350 for the console that's $625. If you get a ps3 you pay $400 for the same content...I wonder which is the better deal?