Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Sold 60% of Stock

Andriasang: We know that the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII sold 524,000 units in its first week. But the big question is, how many copies did Square Enix expect it to sell?

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Optical_Matrix2553d ago

So 500,000 units for the PS3 version and 10,000 for the Xbox 360 version. Surely this is a sign to Square Enix where the Final Fantasy fanbase has always been? I'm pretty sure Tales of Vesperia sold more on Xbox 360 in Japan. Those numbers are terrible. In fact, even the PS3 numbers are terrible for a Final Fantasy game. And unless it's Monster Hunter, Pokemon or Mario, that's pretty much as high it'll get as most games in Japan peak in their first week of sales.

gaffyh2553d ago

It could be simply that Japanese gamers didn't like FF13 all that much, and don't think a sequel will be any good either. Also, it looks like direct sequels seem to sell less for Square Enix anyway, because FFX-2 sold about half a million less than FFX, granted though that FFX was an immensely better game.

ABizzel12553d ago

Didn't Monster Hunter come out for the 3DS, and the PS Vita just came out.

Final Fantasy had some tough competition.

Redempteur2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

"I'm pretty sure Tales of Vesperia sold more on Xbox 360 in Japan."

No ... Vesperia barely got around 204,305 last time i checked and the ps3 version sold double of that ( and quicker )

EDIT : not double but according to wiki, PS3 version of vesperia is at 352,961

tales of xillia sold more than 700k in japan too

This just means that the Jrpg base is on PS3 in japan , simple as that

DiRtY2553d ago

We can make this even easier:

Japan is not Microsofts main market.

FFXIII sold 2 million on Xbox 360, which is good for SE. I know a lot of people talked about this being a bad move but in the end, they made about $80,000,000.- with the Xbox version and the costs for a port are not that high. FF XII - 2 might sell 1 million on Xbox 360 (of course mostly in the west) but that means still a revenue about $40,000,000.-

Redempteur2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

"As of May 18, 2010, Final Fantasy XIII had shipped 6.2 million copies worldwide."

i really don't know where you find your 2Mil ( please don't say vgchartz ) but i'll follow this time.
You could argue that 1/3 of this is on 360 ..but it just means that the vast majority of the fanbase is STILL on PS3.

The Rpgs ( specially the Jrpgs ) fanbase isn't on 360.. The new guys that discovered the FF sensation won't go buy it a second time..

The difference in shipments for ff13-2 is evident that even square doesn't believe in it

Bundi2553d ago

Uh yeah. . .in Japan. XIII sold 2 million on 360 worldwide, while not nearly as much as PS3, SE would be stupid to remove pretty much a hundred million dollars worth of revenue by making it PS3 exclusive

Darrius Cole2553d ago

I am convinced that any 360 sales they lose by making it exclusive, they will make up in increased PS3 sales. So, I don't think that they would be giving up a 100 million dollars in revenue by making it exclusive.

1. Being exclusive means that it could be made closer to vision and would likely result in a better game.

2. Microsoft had exclusive marketing rights in the West.

fluffydelusions2553d ago

That's because no one owns a 360 in Japan lol...well you know what I mean.

kaveti66162553d ago

5 million PS3s in Japan versus 1 million Xbox 360s.

The numbers are relatively small.

Europe and North America are much larger market regions.

GraveLord2553d ago

Sequel to Final Fantasy games never sell as well as the orignal. Example: Final Fantasy X-2.

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sultanroma2553d ago

First week

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 = 525,271
Tales of Xillia PS3 = 525,605

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Kratos_GodOfWar2553d ago

yessss ff is flopping hard nobody care for this. skyrim is the king of rpg