Engadget: PlayStation Vita Review

Engadget: It's hard to believe that Sony's venerable first portable has just reached its seventh birthday. The PSP launched in 2004: a year when the Motorola RAZR V3 claimed top phone prizes and tablets were called tablet PCs. Since then, its closest rival has undergone several substantial transformations, but the PSP has remained largely untouched, aside from getting a little slimmer. Sony's hoping its new portable superstar is less evolutionary, more revolutionary. And it may have to be. Mobile gaming is snapping at its heels, with game developers continuing to boost the scale and polish on smartphone offerings. Even Sony has been attempting to get in on the mobile action, with underwhelming results so far.

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eferreira2547d ago

good review cant wait for my own :)

remanutd552547d ago

man , feb 15th cant come soon enough , i will be getting the bundle but i will buy a 32 memory card later on when i see a good deal , anyways Uncharted Golden Abyss , Motorstorm RC , Gravity Rush , ModNation Racers , Escape Plan are mine day 1 , i dont think LBP will be a launch title but hopefully im wrong

GribbleGrunger2547d ago

yep, it's LBP for me too. i really hope you can use it with the PS3 version.

VampiricDragon2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

terrible review.

1) Mobile doesnt effect anything.

Thats why its terrible.

Until they get someone who actually know what they are talkng about

@ below

It was a bad review because they brought up dumb things. There isnt a single mobile game that is more deep or better controlled than a gameboy game, an original one. Thats a fact.

Lets take infinite blade 2. They put alot of polygons on a screen with a bland art style, bad controls, week combat, short and thats the best game they have?

death2smoochie2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Actually it was a good review. They highlighted many of the systems great points and pointed out some of the cons. No system is perfect...I know...I know...This is N4G.COM people....

StanSmith2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Go play GTA III on an iOS or android device and tell me that it isn't deep & has bad controls.

You're so threatened by Mobile devices it's pathetic.

Let Sony care about the current market and reviews. They're selling it, not you.

Matrix2k2547d ago

GTA III on ios is the worst version of the game as confirmed by every review. Its broken controls, watered down gameplay, prove that even ports of decent games when brought to mobile which is only good for distractions, dont even compare for real games

StanSmith2547d ago

Well i'm playing it right now and everything you listed is wrong. It is far from broken and i can't see at all how it has been watered down. Had this been ported by the original developers themselves, then reviewers would be creaming over it.

I prefer the 3ds & vita to my ipad but the facts are there are great games available on all 3.

The amount of people here acting like Android and iOS are beneath them is laughable.

jspencep2547d ago

I have gta 3 for my iPad 2, and honestly the controls are pretty weak...
I'm impressed that the iPad has an open world game like it, but its broken controls make it only mildly amusing to actually play.

blusoops2547d ago

I kinda agree that it wasnt a great review in some areas. For example, Is it fair to post the 3G version of the vita's price in yen and then up convert to US dollars? And then compare it to the 3DS's us price of $169?

Why not compare the wifi only US vita price of $250 to the $169.

It's still more but not as bad as it reads in this review.

GanjaMan2547d ago

won't be buying one till they make the battery better, hopefully they sort it out or make the battery better in the ps vita slim!

blumatt2547d ago

How often are you going to be playing longer than 4 hours straight on a handheld without some source of power to plug it up?? Most of the time there's a place to plug up nearby. And most of the time you won't be playing for 4 hours straight anyway. I know I don't. I play for maybe an hour at a time and then plug it back up until I play again.

gigreen2547d ago

Kinda dissapointing that it doesn't have a video output, for no appearent reason. Other than Sony being scared that it might interfere with PS3 sales...

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