Next Uncharted 3 DLC and patches to arrive "early January"

El33tonline writes:

"If you were expecting any further support for Uncharted 3 at the tail-end of 2011 (as far as patches and new downloadable content is concerned), Naughty Dog has unfortunately dashed any hopes of that happening, while simultaneously getting us excited about the future of the game, again."

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r212548d ago

hopefully they'll announce if the DLC are new maps or new modes. i'd love to play TDM on the wrecked ship level :D

Thatguy-3102548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I'm pretty sure they will have a map where we battle in the moving ship. Back when they released the multiplayer trailer it showed that map With the water dynamics. Don't see if it was done why didn't they just release it with the game.

Sizzon2548d ago

Awesome, can't wait for Flashback Map pack 1

n4gisatroll2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I don't understand why people like map packs that are just maps from older games. I mean, I guess in Socom I love that, but when I play Uncharted 3 mp, it feels so much different, and I would rather just play uncharted 2 online.

Edit: ohhh. Believe me, I love those maps. I dunno, I guess I'm biased towards uncharted 2 online, since I spent wayyyyyyy more time playing that instead of uncharted 3.

Sizzon2548d ago

But many maps in U2 were good :D

like: Village, Plaza, Trainwreck, Sanctuary, Lost City, Facility, Flooded Ruins