PS Vita menu is touch-only

It's entirely possible there's a menu option hidden somewhere in the PS Vita's settings to enable navigation with buttons and analog sticks, but I have yet to find it. In the above video, I demonstrate both the touch-only nature of the Vita interface, and the really nice-looking lock screen.

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Dante1122549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

*smh at the media* I can't believe they're actually trying to make the Vita's touchscreen out to be something bad now lol. I've seen it all today.

Edit: "Next up, if you smash your face into the Vita it might break. WTF Sony!!!"

Nitrowolf22549d ago

well honestly it shouldn't be a huge issue, but I do fell like that it should be supported. I'm pretty sure Sony will release a FW in the future to resolve this as it does look like something that the controls can easily do.

But in no way should anyone sit put the Vita down because of it.

Series_IIa2548d ago

Dante112 twisting things once again to make out a worldwide Sony conspiracy...

Bundi2548d ago

Oh my goodness would you can it with the conspiracy theories please?? Gees nobody can report anything about VITA unless they are saying how awesome and griffin-essue it is and how they want it inside them and want to have its babies without Dante here chiming in about how the media is out to get SONY.
FFS man, gtfo of your mom's basement and go outside!
/end rant.
I feel so much better. Totally worth the bubble I'm going to lose. Ignored.

tiffac0082548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I think its not about getting negative news but how insignificant an issue is just to make a negative news is the problem.

After all how can this be an issue when almost all smartphones now are touch screen only. No one is complaining about that right?

I mean just read the poster complaints in the article, its so trivial but to them its a big deal.

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Thatguy-3102548d ago

How is it an issue when buttons are out in todays hardware. Everything is becoming more touch centric plus UI is built for the touching aspect. It would involve too much button clicking if you ask me

solidt122548d ago


I hate using buttons to navigate devices. I guees I got spoiled by the iPhone so the Vita should feel right at home.

-Mika-2549d ago

All phones today are only touch and i don't see anyone complaining about that. Seriously joystiq u hit a new low. I don't even know why people vist that site anyway. They always a day late when it comes to updating their site.

disturbing_flame2549d ago

So it's a very current gen device.

Optical_Matrix2548d ago

Same with smartphones? Hell, most if not all good, top of the range smartphones don't even have buttons. Whats your point?

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