Twisted Metal boxart

Take a look at the boxart for Twisted Metal.

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Abash2520d ago

Woah, I love that boxart. So damn cool

FACTUAL evidence2520d ago

I think this TM is going to be awful tbh....not hoping it's awful in any way, but the direction it seems to be going in is kind of a twisted metal 4 route.

Majority of the TM fans wants to see the dark presence of the black series return, with awesome character stories, but at the look of TM, I won't be surprised if the game isn't near AAA status. Hope it plays out good though.

Jio2520d ago

It's rated M and from what I hear it's pretty gruesome. Test scores from this game are really high, don't know how you see any resemblance to TM4 which was developed by a terrible team.

Kleptic2520d ago

Rated m? Since when? Jaffe originally said this would be t, and was to follow a more tm2 like tone. Did that change?

Jio2520d ago

@kleptic, that changed, it's already rated M by the ESRB.

Kleptic2520d ago

^oh nice, thanks...

Sweet Tooth was never a T kind of guy anyway, so this is good ha...

TheLastGuardian2520d ago

Ummm, WTF are you talking about? I've been a huge Twisted Metal fan since the first game and this new Twisted Metal looks like it could be my new favorite game of all time.

Sure it's not turning out exactly how I originally hoped but, that doesn't matter. I'm confident that Jaffe and his team will make the right decisions to make this the best TM game yet.


How has Sweet Tooth never been a T kinda guy? Every game in the series besides Black has been rated T so far.

OT: I love the boxart but like Vickers said, I think the lettering should be chrome.

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vickers5002520d ago

Yeah it looks pretty awesome, but if I had to make one criticism, it's that the lettering should be chrome like it's always been, instead of black lettering.

PshycoNinja2520d ago

On David Jaffe's blog you can vote for the better back art for the box. I personally like the last pic ;)

rabidpancakeburglar2520d ago

I prefer A and C, can't really choose which though.

-Alpha2520d ago

They all look

*Puts on sunglasses*

Pretty sweet

Max Power2520d ago

I choose Option C, I like the sassy stance.

metsgaming2520d ago

I love option C its so good.

PshycoNinja2520d ago

I like E cause its a sexy stance. And everyone knows sex sells ;).

SoapShoes2520d ago

I was going to say A since it matches the front better but then I saw that it had the same vehicles as the front cover so I'm going with C. Also because of the awesome Doll Face pose.

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gumgum992520d ago

Yessssss!! So pumped for this game for 2012! ^-^

jon12342520d ago

when is this game out??

rabidpancakeburglar2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

February 14th aka Valentines Day, there will be some unlucky women out there.

deadreckoning6662520d ago

Same day as UFC Undisputed 3 =D

PshycoNinja2520d ago

Day before the Vita First Edition bundles hit the US and UK!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.