GamingOgre: PS3 3D Display Review

GamingOgre: Sony's new PlayStation branded 3D Display has been catching the eyes of a lot of gamers, but at $499 is it really worth the high price? To find out, read our review.

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Rageanitus2374d ago

299 right after Christmas pretty sweet deal at this price

ginsunuva2374d ago

It's 299 now at best buy.

vikingland12374d ago

That was the worst video review I have seen in some time using a phone or not. Boring and moves the camera way too much.

xilly2374d ago

That's awfully nice of you, considering it was the first video review I've ever done. Thanks for your helpful feedback!

MariaHelFutura2374d ago

This is the internet, expect that..

vikingland12373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I wasn't trying to upset you maybe next time try to hold the camera still. I can't handle a jerky camera veiw. Also maybe write a script before hand and you will get better , good luck on the next one don't give up because of negative feed back. PEACE.

BlackSharinganX2374d ago

i saw at 299 even in gamestop