The Year in Review - Part 3: Wii

The Wii had a disappointing showing this year, to say the least. Previous years in the Wii's lifespan have at least given us games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy (and its sequel), Resident Evil 4, Okami for the Wii, and the New Super Mario Bros. But there are a couple saving graces to the Wii this year, titles that - if you are a Wii gamer - you've probably already purchased and beaten for lack of other games.

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Titanz2523d ago

Most of Wii's sales, are generated from Nintendo's own IP's (with a few exceptions). They accomplished what Sega couldn't do with their Dreamcast console, though piracy played a heavy part in the system's failure (which the Wii and DS suffer from).

TheWolfSage2522d ago

The DS seems to be doing BETTER than the Wii which is rather sad. But indeed, I didn't address it directly, but you'll notice three of the five titles I listed from previous years as big titles were Nintendo (SSBB, Galaxy 1/2, and New Super Mario Bros). Third party developers aren't biting because the system itself has failed, hard.

The Wii U may do better, though. We'll see...

Kos-Mos2522d ago

The year in review - Gaming-journalists 1/10.

Sugreev20012521d ago

This console has been a huge disappointment,2011 was just another year.I bought almost 40 games for my PS3 and 360,none for my Wii.The last game I bought for the system was Goldeneye 007.I don't care for the Nintendo exclusives,if anything I'm sick of them.I hope Wii U gets proper 3rd party support,like the DS.