Devil May Cry 4 images

Capcom announced the release in early 2008 of a playable demo of Devil May Cry 4 on both Xbox Live and PSN, and also released a bunch of new screenshots showing the Lucifer Weapon in action, and a boss fight.

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picker3323793d ago

Why does dante have a flower in his mouth?

Baba19063793d ago

he thinks, he is a garden.....

no, seriously he wants to dance tango.....

or maybe he just met the woman of hes dreams.

RadientFlux3793d ago

simple he is on his way to be the biggest cross-dresser that Japan has ever seen.

MADGameR3792d ago

The devil wings...When he drops the flower the swords rain on the enemies..something like that. But it looks pretty cool!

turbogeek3793d ago

...To buy the superior PS3 version. Of course Capcom's going to focus more on the PS3 version. DMC4 sells more in Japan. And which console is absolutely raping the 360 in Japan right now? PS3. Which console is lead platform for DMC4? PS3.

Cry on, 360 fanboys. Don't even buy this game, stick to your own franchises losers. Stick to Ninja GAYden.

shmee3793d ago

and only 50k on x360 in Japan and around 500k on x360.

I think CAPCOM has cancelled the x360 version of DMC 4 for JAPAN . thats what DENGEKI has reported

turbogeek3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

...If it's PS3 exclusive in Japan. The same will probably happen with Resident Evil 5. And about the sales, yes of course it will sell more. Just like Dynasty Warriors 6 sold a CRAPLOAD more on PS3 than it did on 360. It's almost embarrassing and the 360 fanboys actually believe they're doing "good" in Japan.

"Lost Odyssey plays like a PS2 game" - IGN

There's nothing next gen about it. When FFXIII and Versus both release in Japan, it's over.

myxomatosis3793d ago

i dont think this game looks very good, but i guess thats not as important as how it plays. Given the franchises history it should play amazingly. im just unimpressed by how it looks....

jackdoe3792d ago

I agree. It fell very far from the target teaser both in concept and in graphics.

picker3323792d ago

But i hope he will be in the 5th,if they gonna make a 5th?