Ridge Racer PS Vita Import Review [PlayStation LifeStyle]

Namco Bandai gets points for trying new things, but that’s just about all it gets points for in the newest Ridge Racer. - PSLS

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NukaCola2550d ago

Expected it. 5 cars and 3 tracks (or was it the other way?) is total BS. You can't microtransaction a title when you charge so much for it. Such a fail on the Ridge Racer series.

Dante1122550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I'll just stick with Gran Turismo if it continues it's series on handhelds. Until then it's Uncharted, MvC, and Fifa on the Vita for me.

Edit: @ Criminal

I'm going check Sound Shapes out as well. I heard that a game called Shinobido 2 is pretty solid as well from neogaf. It's like Tenchu (made by the same guys).

GribbleGrunger2550d ago

agreed. this is the one time the perfunctory 'ouch' deserves an airing

Lyr1c2550d ago

I'm just satisfied with the fact that a site titled "Playstationlifestyle&quo t; is giving fair and honest reviews. It gives me more faith in what they have to say.

jujubee882550d ago

In this case.

Namco have already seen the kind of views this might receive in the west and are (likely) going to feature more content to make the game much more "meaty" when it arrives in the US/EU.

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doctorstrange2550d ago

Release a title that requires you to buy DLC to play a full game - but then don't have the DLC ready for months?

Trexman892550d ago

Namco doesn't handle DLC or bonus content very well. The special edition of Dark Souls was supposed to come with a physical guide and soundtrack, but Namco switched it out for online versions that didn't even work for half the people that downloaded them.

Criminal2550d ago

Wow! 2 out of 10. I guess I'll be getting Uncharted, Sound Shapes, and LBP.

knifefight2550d ago

Holy crap.
Or more appropriately, "wholly crap," as in "entirely crap."

Akiba962550d ago

What's whole about this game??? ITS ONLY GOT 5 CARS!!!!!!!


Bundi2550d ago

It's Rdg Rcr. . .they cut out the cars and tracks from their game, I'm cutting out vowels from their meme.

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The story is too old to be commented.