FF XIII-2 PS3 sells less than FF III on the Famicom

Two years ago, when FF XIII was finally released in Japan only for the PS3, we noticed that the game wasn't selling as well as the other entries in the series. Now, with the recent outing of FF XIII-2 and its 525 271 units sold, it seems like Square Enix is having some kind of a bad déjà vu...


Added Media Create figures for the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and machines sales at the time of every episode's release, except Famicom (too old for the Internet)

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GribbleGrunger2065d ago

gas masks sell less now than they did in the war... the point being?

NukaCola2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

My it that slow of a day? If you need content, we would like some Vita reviews.

morganfell2065d ago

Anyone have the FF XIII-2 360 numbers?

gaffyh2065d ago

@morganfell- basically, less than 25k, but we don't know the exact number.

Biggest2065d ago

Are comparing life time sales of FF III to first week sales of FF XIII-2 in Japan? Is that what is happening here?

Panthers2064d ago

Hopefully this will get Square to get their act together and make quality FF titles again. I am not even excited for them anymore. It used to be the highlight of my gaming career when one was released. Now its barely a blip.

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Denethor_II2065d ago

Extreme analogy, but I see your point.

GribbleGrunger2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

lol. yeah, it was kind of extreme

RBLAZE19882064d ago

Extreme? It didn't even make sense. FF3 didn't have any stipulations like a war that helped it sell neither did any other entries

RBLAZE19882064d ago

Firstly, that is the stupidest analogy I have ever heard. Secondly, as I have predicted in other news topics, square enix was playing a dangerous game ignoring long time fans and playing to the casual western fans and now they are going to pay for it. Selling 66% less than all the series initial launch weeks should be making them shit. Maybe they'll wake up and put versus13 into overdrive and stop listening to dollar signs and go back to there old style and pedigree for overall quality. It's gonna take a really good next entry to revitalize this slowly crumbling franchise.

Diver2064d ago

Give this man a bubble.

Gorkab2065d ago

The point being that the series is going down...

haymoza2065d ago

God, I never thought I'd have to thank someone for pointing out the obvious, but I think it's necessary seeing how slow some people are at making the connection.

so, yeah, thank you.

scrambles2065d ago

#13 was a terrible game that made me wanna break my disk but thankfully i rented it. 30 hours of running down 3 separate corridors with unlikable characters with a plot so bad i stopped caring and just wanted to return it to the store. I will definitely not be getting part 2 cuz part 1 was so terrible unless its something so spectacular that it makes me cry.

Simon_Brezhnev2065d ago

I know right but if you say the plot is bad you get a ton of disagrees. There was only one character i liked Sazh and he was the only one with common sense. Hell Dragon Age 2 was superior to FF13 in all ways except graphics. LOL

Optical_Matrix2065d ago

While I agree the plot and characters were bad, Final Fantasy XIII's only redeeming qualities for me were the graphics, and the Battle System which really shone through during the harder, optional boss battles post game. They really give a sense of what Square Enix was trying to achieve but them making the majority of the battle in the main quest winnable with Auto-Battle was ridiculous.

My two cents of it is, Final Fantasy XIII was a good game, I mean I've played much worse. But it was a terrible Final Fantasy game. It didn't even feel like one. XIII-2 looks set to change it so, and please don't shoot me people, I'll be buying it to give it one last chance. Can't give up so easily on one of the franchises I grew up on.

These sales figures indicate to me that Square Enix need to change. No one asked for XIII-2 so it's clearly a cash in. If they start listening to fans and make the games we want, aka, finish Versus XIII, make Kingdom Hearts 3, localize Type-0 and sprinkle in some new IP's that are actually good, they can make money. Meanwhile Wada continues to take charge in leading the company into the depths of despair. It's obvious he needs to be fired, so my question is, why hasn't he been?

sirdrake2065d ago

wow every argument is the same. 3 corridors blah blah blah. No one cares if you didn't like the game. Got off of a FF article if you hate the game and don't want to buy it.

Tommy3342065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Gaming is dying only games that sell are shooters and casual games like just dance

ArronC072065d ago

Dead Rising, Bayonetta, Dragon Age, Skyrim and Heavy Rain say hello.

Alabaster2065d ago

Total War, The Sims and Need for Speed would like to talk to you....

cyguration2065d ago

I think Star Wars: The Old Republic and Spyro would also like to have a private chat with you as well...if you have time. Seems to be a lot of other chatty types biding for your time.

kane_13712064d ago

Don't forget MR. Batman and Assassins.
oh yeah, Cole is floating this way too.
Oh hey, is that the Dragon from Skyrim or Dark Souls?

At the end, yes, it is true that the new generation that is playing Video games is more interested in casual shooter games or waggle your Wii mote/hand/Move kind of games.
But we are still receiving good games and sales altogether.
So, yeah.

kevnb2064d ago

console gaming is casual, anything like dark souls is niche.

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ArronC072065d ago

FF XIII was a bit pants and so people are bound to stay away from the direct sequel. IMO

Nodoze2065d ago

Simple fix for SquareEnix. FIRE WADA.

The man is only interested in money. He cares not for the fan base that has made SE what it is (or was).

The fans have lost faith and trust in your brand and what you are shoveling. That may NEVER be regained.

I also hear that they are working on FF13-3 (no I am not kidding).

D3mons0ul2065d ago

How is the series "going down" when Versus is still in development and Type-0 actually did very well over in Japan and is slated for a US release early next year.

Those things a failing franchise does not make.

You would have been right if you had said "The point being that the Fabula Nova Crystalis is going down"

That's really the only part of FF that is suffering right now. 14 doesn't count because it's a fucking MMO.

blumatt2065d ago

Agreed. I hope Versus 13 (PS3) fixes all that is wrong with the FF 13 series of games.

Inception2064d ago

Is it true that Type-0 will be release for US early next year?
cause i never saw one official confirmation from SE...

Clarence2065d ago

FF13 was garbage FF13-2 will be garbage.

FF series is needs a big overhaul. IMO it started going down after FF10. When Square started making part 2 of the game it fell off. I keep waiting on FF13vs but who knows when that will drop.

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WhiteLightning2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Well no offence it;s because it's a sequel to a crap game and the only people who are going to buy it are the minority of people who enjoyed the last game. All those people who got it last time and didn't like it aren't going to buy into it again........that would be silly.

If it was a brand new FF game like FF15 then fair enough

In these one likes wasting money

Bundi2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

But somehow vsXIII will be awesome and everybody and their llamas will buy one right?
Exactly, all they have to do is rename it and boom, JRPG of the year if not GOTY. Unless of course it goes multiplat, then it is overrated junk.

WhiteLightning2065d ago

Oh thats going to be amazing

As long as they rename it though and seperate it from FF13, I'll be good.