Are you sure your new TV does Full HD 1080p?

Full HD 1080p is the new buzzword in the TV market. According to analyst iSuppli, TV buyers are becoming more aware of what's hot and what's not in the flatscreen market, and more of us are now prepared to pay more for the full-HD experience.

"The dramatic increase in availability of full-HD products is spurring impressive growth for LCD TV sales, mostly due to consumer demand," said Riddhi Patel, hotshot analyst at iSuppli. "For television brands, full HD is also a way for them to differentiate themselves from their competition as well as to charge more for the displays they sell."

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Multigamer3881d ago

i deffently know mine does not, mine is 720p/1080i

gamesblow3881d ago

Amblight full 1080P and a full 1080P bravia aswell... 6000 in tv's, by the way... and the ambilight was the better tv. For 2000 for a 47 in screen... it smacks my 42 in Bravia's ass.

Ambilight adds a whole new level to HD movies and gaming. It's awesome.

Chug3881d ago

I've been thinking about buying the ambilight for a while now. The contrast ratio sucks on my Westy 1080p set. :( I should've just spent a little more dough on something nicer.

mighty_douche3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

mine does : )

EDIT: disagree? seems someone thinks they know my TV better than me... f*cking streak of piss that they are...

stennexxx3881d ago

CNET voted the KDL-XBR4 as the best 1080p LCD, i agree because i got one and its ridiculously sweet. The motion enhancer makes hi-def imagery look more realistic. You can turn it off if you want. Sony this year has done the best.Their Bravia lineup speaks for itself. I always go by seeing is believing and i went and saw different kinds of hi-def tvs and was blown away by the 40" bravia. Samsung is also in that league as well. It depends now on who's design you like the best.

Andronix3881d ago

My mate was looking to buy a hdtv screen. Tesco's (massive UK supermarket chain) had a 50inch LG Plasma. With 1080p blazoned all over it for £899. It sounded to good to be true. I went and had a look. In small writing under 1080p it said 'accepts 1080p input.' Which doesnt mean sh*t! All it means is if you play 1080p source it will show a picture but NOT at 1080p. So what is the point of writing 1080p? It is to trick the average person who trust the retail shops!

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