The "almost right" of Homefront. Criticism.

"We all know the big news. Kim Dzong Il died while travelling by train from a sever heart attack. His son, Kim Dzong-un will take over the ruler baton. But what ticks me off is not the discussion about the future of North Korea, I have heard plenty of interesting opinions about that. Plenty of theories were about whether Kim Dzong Il did not die in fact earlier, and there was a dummy holing his place. But what does tick me off, is the talk about Homefront."

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CynicalVision2553d ago

I agree (mostly), predicting the death of an ill man isn't something that's completely shocking.

It's obviously nothing more than a coincidence but it is slightly freaky how 2012 is only a few weeks away.

badjournalism2552d ago

The nerd rage is strong in this one.

Sugreev20012552d ago

This blog is so atrociously written,even for N4G.His name was Kim Jong-il,and what the hell is a "ruler baton".The author's grammar is one of the worst I've read.