How to download PSP's Beats with a PS3 (not a PC) writes: Okay, so maybe you don't have a Windows PC that is capable of running the PlayStation Network downloader. That's okay. You may have a Mac, or you might be running Linux -- or you're just too darn afraid to install a new program on your computer. Whatever the reason, there is an alternative ... provided you have a PS3.

1. Visit the PLAYSTATION Store on any computer. Complete purchase of Beats, but do not download it.
2. Log in to your PS3 using the same PSN account as the one used to purchase Beats.
3. Go to PLAYSTATION Network on the XMB. Click on Account Management.
4. Click on Transaction History.
5. Then, click on Download List. You will see Beats on this list.
6. Download to your PS3. Connect your PSP via USB and install your new favorite PSP game.

Hope this helps the few of you that simply cannot access the Store on your computer. If you're without a PS3 and a Windows PC, you're in tough luck for now. Why not just buy the game at a friend's house?

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Bill Gates3817d ago

Thanks. I'm curious of this game now thanks to that Pirate dude.

dhammalama3817d ago

I'm on linux and was bummed about not being able to use the downloader, but I bought this anyway and then went to the Transaction history on my ps3. Sure enough, there it was and it gave me the option to download. I was like, "Holy crap!!! Is this going to play on my ps3!!" but when I tried to run it it told me it was exclusively for the psp and it asked me if I wanted to transfer it to a psp.

I said yes.

mighty_douche3817d ago

i got a few mate big into PSP and they havent shut up about this.

im on the edge of buying a PSP (love homebrew o_O) and this might be the thing to push me over.

dhammalama3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

there are 3 small circles in the center of the screen. 0 0 0 . buttons come flying in from the sides. Press left and the correct button when the button icon is on the left, only the button in the center, and right and the button for the circle on the right.

It's great! Simple, challenging, and best of all, you get to enjoy your own music. The beat recognition is top notch too, that's what makes it so good.

mighty_douche3817d ago

so its basically played a bit love guitar hero or dance evoltion, just a matter of hitting the right button at the right time?

dhammalama3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

But with the added bonus of using your own music.

EDIT - Here's a video

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Komrad3817d ago

after step 2 go to psn store then go to 'downloads' up top.

@2.3 you can also create your own songs with loops of beats & other instruments and sections, then share them.

ActionBastard3817d ago

Great game. And creating your own beat to play against is really fun.

Biphter3817d ago

I downloaded it today at work, after a few goes I passed it around my workmates, they were all fighting to have the next go! the first thing people did after playing is run over to their PC's in search of some favourite MP3's to try it on. Good job the boss was out, we didn't get much work done!! I can't believe Sony released this little gem without much of a whisper! It needs advertising the balls off of it! This is like the Christmas killer app for PSP!

As for the problem with the Store, It baffles me beyond understanding WHY there are two different stores now! You have the "PC" PSP store for all things PSP and the "PS3" store for... well, PS3 stuff. Surely its not THAT hard to make all the PSP store stuff available on the PS3 and vice versa?? Its even to the point where some of the PS1 games available on PSP "PC" store aren't on the PS3 store and vice versa again.

Its odd, Come on Sony, the PSP is supposed to be able to connect to the PS3 with ease, but along with the Media Manager (Also on PC) I find the PSP has BETTER communication with the PC than the PS3. Even a simple MP3 transfer from PS3 to PSP is a mess, you loose the track numbers so the PSP ends up listing songs in alphabetical order instead of track number order, this simply makes me use Media Manager even more because its much easier to transfer media to the PSP than the PS3.

Sorry that was a bit of a rant, over now!

Go buy Beats! you wont regret it! :)