Guitar, Interrupted: Red Octane on Guitar Compatibility

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has five buttons and a strum bar. Rock Band has five buttons and a strum bar. The interface is the same. Despite these similarities, however, there's no assurance your guitar will actually work in both games. Rock Band's virtual axe doesn't function in Guitar Hero III, but Guitar Hero III's guitar does work in Rock Band -- on Xbox 360, anyway. On the PlayStation 3, Guitar Hero III's guitar doesn't work in Rock Band.

Confused? You should be. 1UP are tired of being confused, too. To try and clear the air, 1UP rang Red Octane's co-founder and VP of Business Development, Charles Huang, to speak at length about the confusing consumer issue -- and why it hasn't been resolved yet.

Now both games are on the market and, currently, there's no way for anyone to use their Rock Band controller in the Guitar Hero series. Apparently, however, Rock Band's guitar issues are a roadblock. "I don't think we're too interested in having their guitars work on our game, because they're having a lot of issues with their guitars," said Huang. "From our standpoint, to be quite honest, if you know a competitor's product has issues, there's not a whole lot of motivation to make these problematic controllers work with your game. Why would you want to cause yourself the headache?"

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