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Amazing Battlefield 3 Moment: 1287.32 Metres Headshot

Sniping in Battlefield 3 takes a lot of skill, in other games where you shoot is mainly where the bullet goes however in Battlefield 3 there is bullet drop which makes it even harder to snipe, however it doesn't seem to have stopped YouTuber Danzster to upload a video with a 1287.32 Metre headshot. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Emilio_Estevez  +   1131d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   1131d ago
Here's another one that's a 1,239 meter.
zeeshan  +   1131d ago
How the hell can he see someone from THAT distance? I can't see anyone there! Getting a head shot like that with a bullet drop? Wow, that's just amazing.

I hate snipers though! I love to Knife them and rip their dog tags. I am more of an Assault/Engineer guy but if you have unlocked Mortar fire then snipers become pretty much sitting ducks. I do however believe that in addition to other things, DICE need to increase mortar strike damage. I have seen mortars dropping not 3 feet away from the target and it does nothing to them! No damage. Apparently, you have to get a headshot with mortar strikes as well.
rob20090  +   1131d ago
@zeeshan If you look hard enough you can see the light reflecting off the scope of the guy he sniped.
alien626  +   1131d ago
wow most lucky shot ever shoot but also a beautiful shot
GAMExxOVER  +   1131d ago
1200 legit beats a 3900 staged anyday.
ChrisW  +   1130d ago
Yeah... staged.

I can get a friend to play as the enemy and have them sit on a distant building so I can do a record head shot and then boast about it, too... but then I'd be like those posting below.
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Oldman100  +   1131d ago
2551 Meters

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Undeadwolfy  +   1131d ago
Shame it was set up though. Takes away the magic of the shot.
MrDead  +   1131d ago
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Oldman100  +   1131d ago
Lol here's another at 3250 meters

Yeah haha still awesome to watch though

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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1131d ago
You don't necessarily need to stage it though. If you have a MAV all you gotta do is get a good vantage point, hide there, scout the area with the MAV, look for people far away from higher altitudes and position your MAV in the ground somewhere for reference, than snipe away.

I get 700~1000 meter marksman headshots all the time in Caspian Border and Kharg Island doing this. If you know better vantage points, I belive you can get 2000+ meters the same way.

Also you can lift other sniper with your MAV so they can sniper from up above, where's no one looks at, it's easy to take long ranged headshots from there.

The MAV is quite useful indeed, my personal favorite is to have a squad mate (support) rigging the MAV with C4 and making it an aerial controlled bomb. Just give him a sign to detonate. It works the best on hardcore mode, you'll loose the MAV but you can get another one in ammo crates.
MariaHelFutura  +   1131d ago
I have a 142 metres in the gun of a tank.
princejb134  +   1131d ago
wow amazing
but now i get it they see the glare on the sniper scope
pretty cool feature
HA take that cod, try taking a shot like this quickscoping
xtremeimport  +   1130d ago
damn...I thought my 582 was long.
ThatIrishGamer  +   1131d ago
Sum's up everything that's wrong with BF3.

When he unscopes. . .he's in the arsehole of no where. . . untouchable. . .and no where near any objectives whatsoever.
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wicko  +   1131d ago
Not really - also the fact that he is so far away from objectives means he is also not helping with objectives.
radphil  +   1131d ago
"Sum's up everything that's wrong with BF3. "

You might as well say that physics is wrong.

And no he's not in a spot to be untouchable.
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FlashBack  +   1131d ago
exactly, there are Choppers and Jets, you know?
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1130d ago
I play mostly as Recon but although BF3 can be a sniper's paradise with the big maps and good vantage points, I know better than to stay in a spot for too long.

Firstly because I almost only play Rush, so the battle is constantly moving somewhere else, making it useless to camp in a spot the whole game.

Secondly just sitting still killing everyone is a sure way to get attention, not just from aerial vehicles, but from mortars and MAVs that can kill you before you even realize what's going on.

Personally I like to keep close to my squad. Just give them a decent raspawn point, provide cover so they can reach the objective and protect the objective 'till we're ready to move to the next one... Also I get to make like 5 or 6 times the kills I would if just sitting far away (not to mention objective and other extra points).

I have had good experiences with squads that keep far from objectives too, making something like an anti-vehicle squad in Caspian Border, for this I play mostly with the SOFLAM (usually placed somewhere oposite to my position) and squad mates carry mortar and Javelin, I only go sniping if they get out of the vehicle and try to fix it. But it only works with teamwork, 90% of the time you tag stuff with the SOFLAM no one shoots at it... So other than this, I think snipers are more efficient in the 50~200 meters range.
PhantomT1412  +   1131d ago
And you've got to be skilled to make some kills from there, unlike the so called "quickscoping" in MW3.
DarthJay  +   1130d ago
Bingo. Another useless sniper not contributing to his team. There were like 400 tickets left that round and I'll bet he was lucky to go 2-5 because he spent half the round trying to get back to his super awesome camping/do nothing spot and accidentally had to kill someone once along the way.
TooTall19  +   1130d ago
Do you guys even understand aaronon's point. The person is not helping get objectives at all. I don't care how far his headshot is. It's still one ticket, and he wastes so much time trying to pull off trick-shots.
ThatIrishGamer  +   1130d ago
Thanks TooTall19.

That guy is not helping his team at all. . .he's sniping, miles away. . .getting one ticket per hour as his team get pounded due to him not being anywhere near any objectives.
frostypants  +   1130d ago
You DO know landing such shots is nearly impossible, right? He might be almost impossible to find, but he's also hardly gonna kill anyone that way. He's more of a burden to his own team and he'll finish at the bottom of the scorecard.
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Disccordia  +   1130d ago
I think that was his point lol
Kahvipannu  +   1130d ago
Hmmm.. You haven't played the game right? Since your comment makes no sense -_-
cyguration  +   1130d ago
The awesome part about BF is that as bishop-br posted below, you really draw a lot of attention to yourself camping in one spot for too long.

Usually, I would follow a sniper to a camping spot with my SAW and help lay down suppression fire over an objective spot while he picks off the guys being suppresed. The opposition usually just thinks it's one guy shooting wildly with an LMG from an impossible range.

Those who dared get close would get sprayed up before they had a chance to kill either of us.

But you saying that guy was untouchable is very incorrect. We were killed when an attack chopper swung by and sprayed up the crane real good and we didn't have enough time to get out.
Undeadwolfy  +   1131d ago
God.. I need a map with these type of spots marked out....
SignifiedSix  +   1131d ago
That's just craziness =D
rbluetank  +   1131d ago
my eyes hurt! lol great shots
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1131d ago
Wow, what a crappy way to play. What a camper. How is that even fun? Sitting there the whole time with all the action going on so far away, what a camper. So boring.
Bathyj  +   1131d ago
You'll never believe this but...


Who would have thunk it?
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SignifiedSix  +   1130d ago
You're just mad because you get sniped all the time, then rage about it. :)
sovietsoldier  +   1131d ago
i make shots from those distances but never seem to get head shots.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1130d ago
you really have to know your trajectory of the bullet since it dives. You can pretty much learn how to snipe the more you kill from a distance
sovietsoldier  +   1130d ago
yes but i have a hard time seeing, im lucky just to make the shot in the first place.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1130d ago
@Sovietsoldier, this is why i dont attempt shots from very far cause I usually miss.
DonaldBeck  +   1131d ago
if your watching this, be on my team, im on psn. flamesofhell45
M4I0N3  +   1131d ago
I think he's playing on pc, but you can still add him on battlelog, just search his name
gypsygib  +   1131d ago
It's on PC, consoles don't have that many objectives in Conquest.
BX81  +   1131d ago
Take note cod quick scopers! This is skill!
frostypants  +   1130d ago
How can anyone disagree? MW3 = laser speed bullets, no drop, and you don't even have to actually put a round on your target to get credited with a hit, AND on consoles there is the idiotic aim-assist. BF = no auto-aim, bullet gravity, and you have to be DEAD-ON accurate to get credited with a kill.

There's no comparison. Snipers don't bother me in BF3 unless they are on my team and failing to help the cause.
Urbz7870  +   1131d ago
ROFLMFAO! This is why BF3 is so much better then Modern Trashfare 3
SITH  +   1131d ago
Dome checked!
ambientFLIER  +   1131d ago
Lol, what did that gun fire, a homing missile? Didn't realize that bullets lit up like the sun and were easily followed by human eye...
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Septic  +   1131d ago
Never heard of tracer rounds then?
TheIneffableBob  +   1131d ago
From my knowledge, tracer rounds are typically used when there is little light with suppression weapons such as machine guns to see where you are shooting. They're pretty much never used with snipers, though.
hesido  +   1131d ago
It's an unrealistic marker assist so you can detect your shot, I'm perfectly fine with it. I even think there's some bullet "size" assist at greater distances, to make up for the lack of input precision required for very long distance kills, to get this kind of over the top shootings :)
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1130d ago
1.2 km is a stretch, but it's not unrealistic. It's 4224 feet
People have made that shot out there in the real world.

Now these guys going on about 3.5 km on the other hand....
hesido  +   1130d ago
I don't say such a shot could not be made, but you wouldn't see your bullet that big even if it is a tracer. The marker is unrealistically big so you can trace it even at long distances.
rezzah  +   1131d ago
I rather see my bullets than to see random image of fake bullets flying when the actual "bullet" (invisible) is hitting my enemy.

Which is easily seen in COD.

Even KZ2 and 3 shows exact bullets fired.
Shackdaddy836  +   1131d ago
The game isn't a simulator. It doesn't have to be 100% realistic...
bobrea  +   1130d ago
Ever think it's like that so you can actually see where your bullet goes incase you miss?
Lelldorianx  +   1131d ago
Not bad :P
GAMExxOVER  +   1131d ago
I beat that by over 700m and standing.
GAMExxOVER  +   1131d ago
As for those 3000m videos, staged stuff with your buddy on other team does not count.
tunytung  +   1131d ago
That's realistic. isn't it?
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memots  +   1130d ago
That is not realistic .. What Dice need to do to make it better is have the bullet go straight like a laser beam and make contact in less than .1ms , before he has time to get his Bubble shield up.

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Bounkass  +   1131d ago
I used to shoot like this, then I got an arrow in the knee.
Getowned  +   1130d ago
you need a arrow in the keyboard.rofl
SillyBastid  +   1130d ago
I am buying a video capture device just because of this game... Every night I have a "Holy Shit! did you see that?" moment that I need to show my call of duty buddies and get their asses on this masterpeice
Braid  +   1130d ago
Oh my god, somebody turn the batsignal on, it's DEADSHOT!
generalthadeape  +   1130d ago
Holy fucking shit.

Keep your heads down boys-- keep your heads down!!!
FFXNo1  +   1130d ago
It's a freaking videogame, it will be amazing if it was i real life. I don't see whats so amazing about it, like I said before it's just a game.
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isarai  +   1130d ago
i do this all the time, then again recon is like my primary class since the first BFBC, and i've played tons of sniper sims so i got a lot of practice. still it's a great shot
Blacklight82   1130d ago | Spam
SuperStrokey1123  +   1130d ago
So is this staged? I remember getting the super long shot in warhawk by pure luck. Certainly not skill and certainly not that far.
kenoh   1130d ago | Spam
helghast102  +   1130d ago
Oh man this is shameful

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