The Ten Biggest Xbox 360 Let Downs of 2011

Xbox360Cheats - "It’s been a pretty good year for gaming. While the negative amongst us (and I’m sure the title to this article drew that particular crowd in – hi guys!) will have us believe that gaming is going to hell on a speedboat, there has been many a grand moment and technology is driving us towards a better overall gaming experience. However, there have been a few hiccups along the way in 2011. From major franchises failing to either innovate or impress, to anticipated releases of hardware just not happening, is has been a trying year for some."

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ZombieAssassin2547d ago

Author is kinda wrong they say RAGE was made by Bethesda the same studio who made FO and TES, they published it and I believe own iD now but come on it's an iD game.

Wuket2547d ago

Will make that clear thanks

gamingdroid2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Also, most of your letdown isn't Xbox 360 specific, exist on other platforms and isn't within the Xbox 360's control.

Instead of a "click-bait" title, you might consider naming it something more appropriately like "The Ten Biggest Let Downs of 2011 for Gamers".

kreate2546d ago

yea it doesnt really have much to do with xbox specifically..

and here I was wondering what the letdown was about the 360 this year.

instead .. the article was a let down due to the poor title name.

JellyJelly2546d ago

Dead Island was one of 2011's brightest stars imo.

Biggest2546d ago

The only actual 360 disappointment on that list was Star Wars Kinect. You can't blame Microsoft for those other games.

Wuket2546d ago

Its not about blame its about disappointment with the game, whoever is to blame

Biggest2546d ago

But it's listed as "The Ten Biggest Xbox 360 Let Downs of 2011" on my screen. Remove the Xbox 360 from the title and article if it isn't about blame. Let the games stand on their own.

dinkeldinkse2546d ago

Michael Phelps Kinect not winning GOTY.