CES 2012 will mark Microsoft's last keynote at CES

Today, via a Microsoft blog post, it has been announced that 2012 will mark the last keynote at CES that Microsoft will perform.

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GribbleGrunger2554d ago

mmm... interesting. why would they do that? this give Nintendo and Sony a hefty advantage

vishant1012554d ago

Because having your own show where all the worlds eyes are on you is easier then competing to gain attention where all of the worlds electronics manufacturers are

jaosobno2553d ago

Exactly, and this probably kills any rumors that X720 will be announced at CES 2012.

DeadlyFire2553d ago

Well jaosobno they are still going to the 2012 CES.

jaosobno2553d ago

@DeadlyFire, let me clarify my statement with a simple c/p:

"As stated in their blog post, it seems that the show does not align with their announcement and release schedules."

gamingdroid2553d ago

That advantage only exist if Sony or Nintendo makes use of it or is given the chance. Clearly MS had it for the last 20-years and don't think much of it....

SITH2552d ago

A better question is why didn't you read and answer your own question?

Dlacy13g2552d ago

As shocking as this seems CES really isnt that relevant of a show anymore. Product announcements are happening outside of CES pretty regularly. The show just doesn't feel "special" these days. Who knows, maybe Spike TV & Gametrailers can save it this year.... lol yeah right.

B1663r2552d ago

Trade shows are all about people older than GenX or GenY. With GenXers starting to hit 50 in the next few years...

Anyhow... If you have a product announcement, you do it on the internet now days.