Blu-ray's first Profile 1.1 Title featuring PiP video commentary

With the Blu-ray release of the film "Neues vom Wixxer" on December 10, 2007, the studio Ufa offers the first Blu-ray Disc with Profile 1.1 (Bonus View) features. This title has been done by authoring studio Imagion and will probably be the worldwide first with this functionality, and offers a switchable Picture-in-Picture with video commentaries by the filmmakers.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Will be free :) Unlike Microsoft which charge for everything from demos to wallpapers and themes.

godofthunder103819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

i don't think that any one of the br fans on this post really understsnd what's going on.
the update is for br movies only, not games and every br player is getting the update.
when sony released the br player in the ps3 it wasn't 100% complete but they put it in the ps3 any way so they could hurry and get it into homes,that's why they had problems with br at the start.
when hd dvd was released it was 100% completed and it had pip and all the stuff that sony is adding to br now.
sony is just adding the stuff that hd dvds been having since it was first released, sony already admitted that all the stand alone br players will not be able to play the new disc and they will have to buy another player,the ps3 is the only one that they will be able to play the new br disc.
hd dvd will have a new 51bg disc,and now it will be exactle the same as br now, so people could stop saying that br is better just because it has more space even when it still used 2 disc for a movie and the same movie on hd dvd have 2 disc to and they both have the exact thing on them,and now they will be exactly the same ,neither br or hd dvd will have an advantage over space,sound,picture and now extras since sony made the new br because before hd dvd had more extras.
the ps3 fans need to get their facts straight,the new br disc is only for movies not games and what the hell does microsoft have to do with this.for the last time microsoft doesn't own hd dvds and that's a must be scared of microsoft because they mention them in every story that they post even when the article has nothing to do with microsoft like this one
CRIMS0N_W0LF said that it's free for ps3 but microsoft would charge for it.first it's just an update that will allow the ps3 to play the new br movies that was upgraded so they will have the same thing that hd dvds had since they first came out and microsoft updates has been free since the bigging,once again it's an update so the ps3 can play the new br movies that's comin out soon and nothin else,it's not for games or any thing else for the ps3,in other words if you don't get the new upgrade for the ps3 you will not be able to play the new br movies in the ps3 and that's what it's all about,once again it has nothin to do with games not one damnd thing.
i wasn't going to buy any format because i remember when they had the last war and sony had a big lead with betta because it had a better pic and more space but after a while sony lost the lead and vcr finally got ahead and stayed and ended up beating beta because of the price.the only reason i bought an hd dvd player was because of the price and the 8 free movies and when i buy an hd dvd movie i try and buy combo because if it looses i can still use it.i don't hardly but hd movies because the majority of movies doesn't really need hd.the only ones that i buy in hd dvd is action because i don't think that a thriller or a drama really deserve the extra &10 it cost for the hd version.
i don't really care who wins,i just hate sony because people think that sony never lied,made back room deals and bought people and i hate them especially when 2 japanese writers for a japn game magazine said that japanese people buy all the japanese products they can so they can support their economy and they especially hate to buy anything made in america.
i posted one article about this and a guy from japn sent me a letter and said that i was right.he said that the reason american people buy stuff from a japanese company like sony is because american people are to dum to make anything that japanese people and sony makes and that we could only dream about making products like they do.well i say screw him and his country.
i refuse to buy any japanese product if i can help it because i'm just like them,i'm proud of my country to and there is no way in hell that i will just hand the U.S over to them because if we don't start buying american products when we can and do like the japanese do, then japan will own the U.S,hell they own about half now and they own all most all of the big companies in america now.
japan buy as much stuff in the U.S when they can,they buy anything from movie companies ,to buying up all the small farmers like they did and made it a big company but an american can't own a company in japan(i guess some people thinks it's fair because they still suport sony)and if a war breaks out we better hope it's not against japan because if it is then we are in big trouble.

PS3PCFTW3819d ago

1 more bullet fired thats aimed at microsofts glass house.

to4073819d ago

Ditch Blu-ray movies and support Ps3 games please. Sales of AAA ps3 games have been disappointing (R&C, Uncharted, Heavenly sword). Let's encourage third party developers to continue to stick with Sony with some exclusives by buying 1st party titles. Blu-ray format will survive anyway. We bought the console for stellar games, now we have it. We can't complain anymore

whoelse3819d ago

I wouldn't call them AAA titles.

Looks like the PS3 update will be after this title...

eagle213819d ago

go to every amazon countries website NOW, u will see these in the top (the PS3 is topping too)! Even japan. But your off topic bro.

eagle213819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

now jealous bots come in here mad. [@whoelse, Uncharted is in the 90's on gamerankings and is better than 90% of 360 games!]