Gaming's greatest ex-cons - Real-life criminals are lurking in your games

What do James Earl Cash, Tommy Vercetti and Sam Fisher all have in common? Two things: First, they've all got criminal records and hard time under their belts. Second, they're not real. They're characters in games. But for every fictional Riddick or Torque, there are dozens of people with very real criminal records who've lent their likenesses and/or voices to games. After literally minutes of exhaustive research at sources like The Smoking Gun (which is also where Games Radar lifted most of the mug shots in this article), Games Radar have assembled a rogue's gallery of some of the most notable examples, so that you might spot them in the future.

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phoenixtilt3909d ago

love that site..and its top 10s

bootsielon3909d ago

Maculay Culkin over there? He looks like an idiot, unlike 15 years ago.

Komrad3909d ago

i mean steve mcqueen... c'mon, i'm always gonna be on his side, and thats looking across from mr law.