Press X to win: Dull platforming is the new standard

The only problem with the platforming in games like Uncharted is that the platforming kinda sucks.

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SybaRat2523d ago

The shooting ain't perfect, either...

StraightPath2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Assasins Creed parkour and climbing is far superior then Uncharteds. Uncharted feels like a on rail dull platforming with little to no room for error. With highlighted yellow breaks. They feel like fillers to waste time. Inbetween gun fights and such.

Some platforming is good in Uncharted games but really ends up beinglinear as it can get but three games the cracks are starting to show. It is basically all about bashing X fast as you can and cycling through drakes animations. Sometimes when you not at the correct spot like right near the edge he will continiously jump upwards even though your analog is pointing right.

With assasins creed although you hold a button you have to steer and plan your moments.

DonaldBeck2523d ago

yeah, and yet it got more awards in history than any other game, go figure. and a metacritic of 9.6. and millions of fans (including me)is it possible its an amazing game?

Kur02523d ago

AC is the same but you hold more buttons...

Ducky2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

He didn't say AC was a better game than UC, rather, he said that AC does platforming better, which is just an element of the game.

Just because it won awards doesn't mean it is perfect and/or exempt from any kind of criticism.

LightofDarkness2523d ago

AC platforming is only slightly better because you have free reign over where you go. Otherwise it plays itself (as long as you're holding the right buttons).

To truly differentiate it, they should have a stamina bar to force players to be more intelligent about the routes they take, ie. it should reward players for planning their escape/approach routes better and punish sloppier, less elegant movement (like choosing to scale up 15 window ledges and leaping off the top onto the adjacent roof, instead of running around the back and using the stairs like a smart person and using your momentum to leap across).

deadreckoning6662523d ago

"yeah, and yet it got more awards in history than any other game"

So Avatar is the best movie of this generation so far since its the most awarded movie of this generation?

"a metacritic of 9.6"

So GTA4 is the best game of this generation?

"and millions of fans (including me)is it possible its an amazing game?"

So Wii Sports, Angry Birds, and Farmville are the three best games of this generation?

thespaz2523d ago


GTA IV is the best game this gen. DUH!

I like Uncharted's platforming. I want to feel at ease when I'm playing a video game. I don't wanna get frustrated because I have to figure out a bunch of different button presses to scale a wall or worry about messing up and falling to my death time after time.

I'd rather just press X. Gone are the days where you must press triangle to grind in a skating game... you just land on the rail now and you're good. Same thing with climbing games. Just press X and you'll grab on whatever is closest to you. I really loved LOVED Infamous 2. Such a fun and amazing game. I never felt restricted by the animations. Everything is fast and fluid in that game.

ZombieAssassin2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Ha I always thought the platforming in Uc was way better except for AC you get free roaming but the actual mechanics of the platforming are waaaaay better in UC. I think it's starting to become a new trend for no name sites to bash UC, even though I knew this was going to be bitmob just by the title.

I think it's time to try and ban this site as well people, we did it with HipHopGamer and we need to start doing it with these negative nancy sites too.

Tdmd2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


Most People in here can't take any criticism about their favorite games. If you do criticize, you're either a troll or an idiot - possible both. I am a sony fanboy to the point in which it becomes sort of embarrassing – hell, even my girlfriend makes fun of me because of that. The fact that I am able to see something that needs improvement in my favorite games doesn’t make me less of a fanboy at all. Trust me on that. And as proud as I am to have this gem of an franchise under sony’s flagship, I also understand that Uncharted isn’t the perfect game people want it to be. The platforming does sucks. It sucks since the first game and three games later, it didn’t got any better. I’ve always thought it would be better if it had that freestyle from Assassin’s Creed, although that isn’t perfect either. In all honestly, no matter how obsolete it is, I really miss that platforming from old tomb raider games, in which you had to plan every little jump very – very! – carefully. In Uncharted it seems as if the developer have no faith in the player skills and intuition, so holding hands becomes a necessity. That is my main quarrel with this series. Maybe the only one, actually. And no, I don’t see anything wrong with the shooting, I find it very fun to shoot things in Drake’s shoes!

MaxXAttaxX2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

People complaining about games they care little about. Meanwhile, the fans are enjoying the games.

The shooting mechanic is great. People are getting too used to aim-assists and auto-locks.

In AC is open world. You push forward and you automatically climb and jump.
In Uncharted is not. It's chapter based. You press "X" to climb/jump. Yet there's still a chance you will die if you mess up.

Do they want us to revert to the days of Tomb Raider(PS1 era)?

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MsclMexican2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Ok... I don't play Assassin's creed or Uncharted for great platforming, or shooting or whatever these "journalist's" complain about..

I play for the narrative. No one can deny that both franchises are some of the best narrative games this generation. Thats why I keep playing them.

I don't see what the purpose is of complaining about games that don't claim to be platformers. I don't see people calling Assassin's creed or Uncharted platformers. They are ACTION-ADVENTURES! (Or 3rd person shooter based on your views of Uncharted) I don't see why he is complaining.

Or better yet, why doesn't he play Mario 3d land, or Rayman Origins? Games that are... you know

Also isn't this from the guys whom complained that

Seriously, Bitmob has this image as the guy who bitches about everything on the internet..

Hell, pretty much all of gaming journalism has been reduced to that... just rants of problems people try so hard to find in games, and then make articles... rather than actual problems

Cough*Skyrim on PS3*Cough

THR1LLHOUSE2523d ago

Games that involve shooting don't hold your hand nearly as often as games that involve platforming...Why is that? I assume it's because good platforming is harder to pull off than good shooting, and developers are all lazy.

THR1LLHOUSE2522d ago

Curses! A hole in my logic!

But I think auto-aim is more of a helpful guide than the games that basically tell you where to jump and then jump for you.

MrDead2523d ago

Dull articles with predictable flame titles next to pictures of AAA games are the new standard to get hits.

LightofDarkness2523d ago

Well, he's not wrong -- those are valid criticisms of modern platforming.

smashcrashbash2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Ha. You said it. Its amazing how a PS3 game is always the tinder to start the 'what's wrong with gaming these days' inferno. While other developers and companies do basically the same thing its is always a PS3 game that is the 'last straw'.

Just about every FPS in existence is linear game play with a bad story. But along comes KZ3 and suddenly it is too linear with a horrible story. Just about every platformer and FPS is linear as they come and suddenly UC3 is 'super ultra linear'. Games like Gears 3 and Prince of Persia are 'super ultra linear' and they never sparked these constant barrage of accusations and articles.

The moment Last of Us appeared it was groans of 'not another zombie game' while DI, a buggy piece of crap, just crossed the 3 million mark.Where were the groans of 'not another zombie game' for DI?

madjedi2523d ago

Is the 360 so dry that bitmob have to talk about ps3 games to have anything to criticise or nitpick. Did i miss the articles from bitmob nitpicking gears 3 or halo anniversary edition, cause i only see them talking about sony titles.

I can deal with other consoles fanboys on n4g, but the fanboys pretending to be journalist is something i won't tolerate. Talk about your own consoles games for once, it's not sony's fault ms killed off their 1st devs and your exclusive 360 games are few and far between.

SybaRat2523d ago

@madjedi: Hey, I did almost five whole seconds of research using something called a "search box" and check it out...not only did Bitmob nitpick Halo Anniversary, but IT'S THE SAME WRITER.

Congrats, genius.

madjedi2522d ago

@syba It's your welcome stupid not genius, learn your insults right, btw decent grammar wouldn't hurt either.

Right a bitmob article with a flamebait for the second time in less than a week by the submitter at the least.

Yes i always do a search on a heavy pro 360 site discussing ps3 games critically. -_-

When multiplatform and 360 exclusives have to follow the same double standards that ps3 exclusives have thrown at them. Then maybe western media outlets will be more appealing, till then same old jrpgs are dead.

And ps3 exclusives despite improving by leaps and bound aren't original enough or have too much variety ect bullshit articles.

tarbis2523d ago

um... Golden Abyss' touchscreen control is optional and can be turned off. Pretty lazy of him not to turn it off and then blamed it on the devs.

Wintersun6162523d ago

AC platforming is better only because it's an open world game. Aside from that it's basically the same thing as UC. There's not any more skill or timing required. Also UC is a heavily story driven game and thus the difficulty and challenge of platforming is not even that important in this case. I'm not saying I wouldn't like a bit more challenge and choice in direction in UC games, but UC was never even supposed to give you the best platforming out there and thus whiney flamebait articles like this are not needed.

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