Eye of Marvel; PlayStation Eye playing cards on the way?

From PS3 Attitude; whilst this remains in the rumour pot, PS3 Attitude usually don't print rumours, so it looks like it could be true.

Seems Marvel are getting ready to announce a set of playing cards to interface with the PlayStation Eye via the existing Eye of Judgement title.

More details after the jump...

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Hapimeses3792d ago

Very, very cool.

EoJ is a cool adaptaion of my PS3, and my kids love it, but this will just rock if it happens.

Here's for hoping.


BlackIceJoe3792d ago

Well This would be cool. It would also show that Sony really is wanting the PS Eye to last.

Ps3ShellShock3792d ago

this will sell millions! reminds me of overpower card game but now to see them animated etc on screen...may just convince me to grab the eyetoy

if PS3 gets pokemon - its game over

power0919993792d ago

I was thinking about this as I was playing EoJ the other night.

This whole idea is the same basis as Pokemon, and Yugioh... There could be so many adaptations of this card game.

Marvel would rock though.

Ju3792d ago

Pokemon...No Way! That would kill my pocket. (OTHO it would save me a Wii - Pokemon Battle Revolution is on the list for Christmas)

jackdoe3792d ago

Animated Marvel characters duking it out would be pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.