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New details on kojimas "Project ogre"

"Metal Gear" series creator Hideo Kojima is renowned for his Hollywood-style video games, but critics say they leave little room for players to roam. (Dev, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Series, PS3, Xbox)

tigertron  +   1098d ago
Metal Gear...Shrek?
Rage_S90  +   1098d ago
More like an open world MGS from the sound of it.
Shotcalm  +   1098d ago
Metal gear theft auto :P
NukaCola  +   1098d ago
Metal Scrolls: Gearowind?
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PixL  +   1098d ago
Another great developer going from great narrative to boredom of free roam. Well, it sells...
Shotcalm  +   1098d ago
i agree in some degrees but it should be more like semi free roam...you should have some options where to enter an erea...
Matrix2k  +   1098d ago
he sold out
Lyr1c  +   1098d ago
Who's to say that you can't have both, great narrative AND free-roam?

It's completely possible... but we'll never get there if you don't give developers a chance.
Nate-Dog  +   1098d ago
This was already posted a number of days ago and this doesn't even have the original title (hence probably why it wasn't picked up). Tut tut.
ArronC07  +   1098d ago
Report it then.
Nate-Dog  +   1098d ago
Well it has already been approved and there's no option to report it now because of that.
ArronC07  +   1097d ago
@ Nate-Dog Click on the cogs on the picture.
J86blum  +   1098d ago
Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater, and Peace Walker had free roam to a degree, and they were both great games. People should not judge, and say oh free roam means boring. GTA4, Saints Row 2, and RedFaction all had free roam and had great stories, infact to me Saints Row 3 and the last redfaction became liner and were wore titles then their previous versions.

If the game is boring in free roam chances are the whole game is boring their isnt a 50/50 really outside of maybe..MAYBE.. No More Heroes 1 on wii. (oh and Final Fantasy 11 became liner and we all know what happend there.)
D3mons0ul  +   1098d ago
Hey Kojima, why don't you turn the nightmare segment of MGS3 into an actual full game? I thought that's what you were doing, that's what I was hoping Project Ogre was...damn

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