EA ripping off Battlefield Play4Free users

EAsy, developers of BF Play 4 Free have implemented baffling new updates that are basically asking people to pay for stuff they already paid for.

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Hufandpuf2524d ago

Pay2win. This is the worst Battlefield game, why do people even take it seriously? BF2 is way better than this bloom laden remake.

-Mika-2524d ago

lol @ EAsy but he seriously making a big deal out of nothing.

wenaldy2524d ago

Its FREEmium, you dullard.. of course casuals and sheeps will jump in.. lol

ChiVoLok02524d ago

Yet people will continue to buy their games.

Laxman2524d ago

Cause they make and publish amazing titles. I have absolutely no problem with paying $100-$120 (Australian prices) for EA's titles when I get so much enjoyment and entertainment out most of them.

Tomonobu Itagaki2524d ago

They are dumb enough to pay for a free game, why can't they be dumb enough to pay for what they already paid?

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