Web-enabled Titles to Come this January for Blu-ray

An onslaught of Web-enabled Blu-ray titles could prove an important weapon in the format war, as the HD DVD camp has touted its own networking abilities as a key advantage over Blu-ray.

Studio executive panelists as well as manufacturers speaking at the High-Def 2.0 conference acknowledged the current absence of BD-Live players. Yet, Sony and other studios anticipate that the PlayStation 3 will soon become one such player, likely through firmware updates, as the console already allows users to download game-related content.

Both Lionsgate and Sony Pictures fully expect the PS3 to become a Profile v2.0 BD-Live player via a firmware update sometime next year. A firmware update to give the PS3 a Profile v1.1 (PiP) upgrade is schedule for the end of December.

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hitthegspot3944d ago


“It’s the studio’s assumption” that PS3 will be a BD-Live player, said Eklund.

Why do you think he would say this? As I have been saying all along "Call Sony support and demand the update". Why do you think Sony hasn't released an update? Now (actually last month) is the time to release this. This would be huge press for PS3, why the wait?

mighty_douche3944d ago

ill be trying this out. Generally though i find the majority of dvd "extras" pretty damn boring.

Shaka2K63943d ago

Its hard for h-dud to even try to keep up.

taldous3943d ago

Are you serious? HD DVD has been web enabled since day one! Sounds like Blu ray is the one playing catch up!

eagle213943d ago

The Blu-ray Association knows exactly what they are doing.

taldous3943d ago

Too bad everyone who bought a stand alone BR player has to buy a new one to be able to use this feature. They are owned!

shmee3943d ago

none of the HD DVD discs has online features.

Transformers couldnt incorporate HD sound since they were too big for the HD DVD discs.

too bad existing HD DVD players normally play just 1080i and cant play 3 layered discs OFCOURSE IF THERE RE REALLY POSSIBILITIES OF 51 GIG DISCS IN THE FUTURE

ON THE OTHER HAND "HITACHI" said that all BLU RAY PLAYERS are compatile with 100 GIG BD DISCS (quad layered)

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