Toys R Us Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

Here we go, the deals are starting to get good and while the 3DS front page offer of just $15 off may not be anything crazy, the rest of the deals aren’t half bad.

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TrendyGamers2372d ago

Skylanders for $10 off is kind of tempting. I've heard its fun.

-Alpha2372d ago

$15 off of 3DS is tempting, but not sure if there will be a better deal or not..

TrendyGamers2372d ago

It's $139.99 pretty much everywhere else. Check out the rest of the boxing week deals on the site.

dirthurts2372d ago

Are these canada only sales?

TrendyGamers2372d ago

Yeah, the US ones should be up soon.

dirthurts2372d ago

Sweet. Thanks. Bubbles for helpfulness.